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Part 26: Page 26

Inside the software store.

The next few screens are just checking out the stuff from the bargain bin. If you only care about the main story, feel free to skip them.


What kind of shitty ATM has security!? I have the card, damn-it - GIVE ME THE MONEY!

Maebot : Hiya hon. I'm Maebot, fashion consultant to the cosmos, what can we do with you today?
Wilco : Well, uh, this is kinda hard to explain...

Well, I do read Vogue cover-to-cover every month.

Maebot : Okay, what size does she take?
Wilco : 38.
Maebot : Ooooh, I don't think we're right about that.
Wilco : Um, I...uh... I'm not sure, but she's, uh, built like me.

Maebot : Is she? A likely story. Good thing for you I can keep a secret, sweetie.
Maebot : I'm sure this will suit that 'special someone's needs. It's all the rage.
Maebot : I suppose you'll want to try it on now. Here, use this dressing room.

... Why do you keep putting "special someone" in quotes?

I feel pretty.


Here's a close-up of Roger mincing around.

Still wearing the panties, though... Mmmmmmm, satin...

... Uh-oh...

Now begins the stupidest fucking puzzle in the history of Sierra - and considering they put out the King's Quest series, that's really saying something.

All you need to do to lose the Sequel-police is to float up, and then float back down. Except if you're trying to play this on a computer that's newer than the release date of the game, right here you'll get shot dead every time because the timing is tied to the speed of the computer.

And unless you look it up on the Internet (or call the hintline), you'll never know that finishing this "puzzle" is actually impossible.

But in defense of the "Two Guys from Andromeda" - NOBODY could've ever predicted that computers would keep getting faster. Totally honest mistake.

For anyone playing along at home using DosBox - changing the "cycles" setting in the conf file from the default 3000 to 900 will allow you to survive.

And with the sequel-police still stuck in the stupid fucking Skate-o-Rama puzzle, we can borrow their time pod.

These next few screens are the entire contents of the Hint book we bought from the software store. Again, feel free to skip 'em.

We can get the code for this jump by combining the hint book and the piece of paper we took from the dead body in that nest.

This seems oddly familiar somehow....

Stud_Bagel posted:

Find out what the force-field emmitters taste like!