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Part 27: Page 27

Barfly : Well lookee here! If it ain't Mister Look-at-me-I'm-in-VGA.
Barfly : Whattsamatter? Monochrome not good enough for you?
Barfly : What's dis? 256 colors all for one little bitmapped WIMP? Whatta waste of VGA! Har, har.
Barfly : Hey fellas! I bet I can toss him all the way out from the bottom o' the stairs. Bet ya an ale.

One wonders why they didn't draw these barflies in EGA. Then one remembers that "they" also did the Skate-o-Rama puzzle.

The bikes aren't EGA either...

... so knock them over!

Believe it or not, the entire reason you need to travel to Space Quest I is to get the book of matches. Seriously.

Then back to Space Quest XII.

When jars of slime are outlawed - only outlaws will have jars of slime.

Use the matches to smoke the cigar and make the security lasers visible.

If you listen closely, you can hear the MythBusters shitting with nerd-rage right now.

Enter the codes to align the Lasers so we can get through...

... Then go on and check the type of connector we'll need.

Back to the mall in Space Quest X.

The next screens are just browsing the Radio Shock catalogue - totally skippable.

And finally we buy the connecter we'll need.

longtimelurker posted:

You forgot something, or maybe you are saving it for later, because it was a very assholeish puzzle.

 The Laptop Adapter 

Never doubt me again.