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Part 28: Page 28

Back to Space Quest XII...

... And plug in to that same terminal.

The goal is to just skip over to the donut on the left.

Vohaul : Take a good look, Roger :
Vohaul : Remember this poor wretched soul...
Vohaul : ... for he is your SON!

Why do all of his photos of my son centre on the crotch?

Behold! The Mac interface of the future.

Initiating Formatting Sequence Value to 5000

Vohaul : In fact, I like it so much I think I'll keep it. I guess we'll have no use for this anymore.

That's Sludge throwing the disk with my Son's brain on it over the ledge like a jerk.

Buff another helmet?... Is that a gay joke?

This is Sierra's version of a "Boss Fight" - all you need to do is keep clicking on him and shove him down four times.

This is what he says after you beat him. I guess they stopped trying to make sense in Space Quest XI.

Climb down the conveniently placed ladder to get the disk. It's a good thing he didn't just snap the disk - or y'know, not save a backup copy of my son's brain at all.

Son : You mus...
Wilco : Is it tr...
Son : You go fir...
Wilco : I'm so...

No I'm... isn't.

Wilco : Were Vohaul's words true? Are you really my son? You do look a little like me, though not as good-looking.
Son : What do you mean 'not as good-looking'? I'm ten time... Wait, what am I saying? This is no way to start. Yes, what Vohaul said is true. I have many things to tell you, dad. I should start at the beginning.

Wilco : You had to go back in time to get me? Why wasn't I available in this time? What happened to me, I don't understand.
Son : I'm sorry. There are some things I wish I could tell you but can't. I know that's not what you want to hear. Believe me, I just can't.

I just saved your life, assface. Tell daddy what he wants to hear.

Wilco : Hey, if you're my son... Who's your mother? My Wife? Where is she? Who is she?
Son : You sure ask a lot of questions for a janitor.

You're sure uppity for the son of a janitor.

Oh HOT! Can I have five minutes alone with that? ... Your hand, I mean?

Wilco : What do you mean 'was quite beautiful'? What are you saying?
Son : I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have said that! Please, I can't tell you any more!

Wilco : I don't believe all this. I'm so confused.
Son : It doesn't matter now. I have to send you back where I found you so that history will properly reflect the events which brought us to this place in time. You won't remember much. This will all seem like a weird, fuzzy dream.

I had a weird fuzzy dream once - I was sodomizing Elmo while Snuffleupagus tongued my balls. They LOVED it. I wasn't that impressed, though.

Son - You were an accident.

Perfecto Scoreo. That's spanish.

If I've missed anything FUNNY in the end of SQIV let me know and I'll add it in - most of the deaths I found were just boring "Well, you lost" things.

Fluffy the Cat posted:

Try the SQIII easter egg. In the CD version you could get there in the timepod by pressing all the buttons in the bottom row from right to left followed by the leftmost button in the middle row.

ToasterThief posted:

I seem to recall there being a way to accidently kill Roger Jr. in battle. Is this so? Something about not getting the disk in time and having to fight him again, unsuccessfully.

Boring generic deaths.

I think they just gave up on trying to make a LOT of stuff funny after you leave SQXII for the first time.

When you're in the ruins you can taste/sniff everything, there are a bunch of funny ways to die, etc... But by the end clicking your nose/tongue gives a red-X for most things, and deaths are just "Well, you lost".

Xythar posted:

How were all the icons in the computer terminal described if you looked at them? I remember the descriptions being quite puzzling.

(the brain icon)

Xythar posted:

For that matter, why is Vohaul's dialogue at the end in those gray boxes that are normally used for narration? It's weird they didn't do it like a proper cutscene. Also, I still don't understand what the hell "You lost the game because you weren't there to see it" means.

"you weren;t there to see it" is for when your son dies when you aren't in that one specific room. When your son dies while you're in the room it changes to something like "Well, your son is dead."

Xythar posted:

Oh, and you never played Ms. Astro Chicken

What a mean thing to say - I would NEVER tell you that you never played Ms.Astro Chicken.

Comfy Couch posted:

Thats how you get back to the Aluminum Mallard after running away from the base on Ortega in space Quest 3. That block you walked across with your arms flailing in the air earlier, had fallen into the lava. So you needed the pole to vault across the chasm.


This shaky rock inparticular.

You betcha.

Not sure why I didn't include it before.