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Part 30: Page 30

Some cheating later, and this test is cake.

Ahh, closet monster! Oh wait... Grab the safety cones and floor buffer.

Day's never finished
Master got me workin'
Someday Master set me freeee....

Quirk : As you can see Ambassador Wankmeister, we run a very tight ship here at the academy.
Quirk : This institation is the pride of the Star Confederation and one of the best of its kind in the known universe.
Beatrice : It's nice to see that our tax buckazoids aren't going completely to waste, Captain Quirk.

Quirk : Here we are Ms.Wankmeister. This is the main rotunda. It was dedicated on Stardate 09-2097.27...
Quirk : Ambassador...?
Beatrice : Excuse me, aren't you Roger Wilco, the man who foiled the Sariens some years back?

Several arias have been written in my honour.

You might want to get that looked at by a doctor. Sparkley eye syndrome kills almost one american per year.

Suddenly it all comes rushing back. It's HER! The woman from the holodisk in SQ4. Now's your big chance, Roger! Say something clever and romantic.
Wilco : uh... er... um... I mean... uh, yes.
Way to sweep her back on to her feet, Rog. Nice to see you haven't lost your golden touch with women.

Quirk : Excuse me, Ambassador, but we should be heading to the conference now.
Beatrice : You're not at all what I expected, Wilco. See you around.


Quirk : Hold on a minute cadet.
Quirk : Looks like you missed a spot!
Quirk : Heh heh.

Beatrice : Ha ha ha! Nice rug, Quirk! Is that a toupee or a road-kill?
Quirk : You did that on purpose, Wilco! I'm placing you on double secret probation : One more screw up and your space cadet days are over!

Are you smuggling a fucking watermelon?

Psion posted:

I was under the impression if you failed to clean the crest quickly enough, you got yelled at and booted out by Quirk, also -- but I never knew if that was a "Skate-o-rama" style speed issue or if it was more like the Monolith burger sequence.

If you believe, it's not a timer bug. Clean faster, slack-ass!

Psion posted:

Hey, did you talk to the trash can in the Arcade in SQ4 (well, Galaxy Galleria in SQX)? Oh man, I loved that. Best with the voice, though.