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Part 32: Page 32

... It's like John Kerry and She-Hulk had a baby.

To their credit - they did manage to get through ALL of SQ4 without a terminator robot in an invisible ship.

A quick pass to grab the orbiting garbage.

Flo : Captain, I'm picking up a life form reading in the waste compartment!
Cliffy : Captain, you'd better come down here. There are some strange scratching and whining noises coming out of the trash bin.

Quick, find out if it has any original ideas for SQ6!

Cliffy : There's definitely something in there, Captain.
Cliffy : Could be dangerous. You go first.

First rummage through Cliffy's toolbox to grab a Fuse, a Hole Punch, a Cutting Torch, and some Antacid.


Wilco : What the...?
Wilco : Hey, he's a cute little bugger! I think I'll keep him.
Wilco : I'll call him spike!

Finally, a friend!

Wilco : Hey, where ya goin' little fella?

Ah, good ole' Spike. Always joking around.

Drop Spike into the specimen jar along with the Antacid.

Flo : Captain, I'm intercepting a rather unusual message on Starcon priority frequency 2. I'm putting it on screen.
Some thing : ...Maggot to dung heep, come in dung heep.

That was my nickname in College.

Some thing : ...Maggot to dung heep, come in dung heep.
Some officer : This is dung heep. What in the pleiades are you doing on this frequency?!
Some thing : We have a really hot load of goods that need to be disposed of RIGHT AWAY.
Some officer : I thought I told you never to call me here. Meet me at the usual place and we'll discuss it. Dung heep out.

Flo : What was that?

Did I fart?

Droole : We've been hit by a proton torpedo!
Droole : A tractor beam has locked onto us, Captain! We're being pulled in!
Wilco : ... But by whom? - Get us out of here Droole!
Droole : Helm not responding, sir. Weapon systems inoperative.

W-D40 : Roger Wilco, under the authority of ERGS (Extensively Revised Galactic Statute) 2564.43, chapter 4123, sub paragraph 23...
W-D40 : I hereby command you to beam down and surrender your person for arrest.
W-D40 : Failure to comply with these instructions will result in the destruction of your ship and everyone on board.

Wilco : I thought all of this was over when I had that run in with the Arnoid back on Phleebut a few years back!
W-D40 : You thought wrong, human. Just goes to show : Never send a mandroid to do a womandroid's work.
Wilco : Can't we come to some kind of an arrangement?
W-D40 : Beam down to the planet. Your body will be disassembled and sold to various biotechnology firms to pay off interest and collection fees.

W-D40 : You have 5 standard time units before I destroy your ship, Roger Wilco!
W-D40 : I'm scanning your ship. Any attempt at escape or subterfuge will result in the immediate annhialation of your ship and crew.

Droole : I think she means business, captain.
Flo : I agree... And could you hurry up and beam down, sir - before she gets impatient and blows us all up?

Wilco : Well, she's not going to get me without a fight!
Droole : Whatever you say, sir. Been nice knowing ya.

I predict some upcoming hardcore-pumpin'-robo-sex action.