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Part 33: Page 33

Pffft - I'm not afraid of your "Energy" "Bolts".

Okay, maybe a little afraid.

Phew!!! That was too close. You better keep moving, Rog. That WD40 android won't give up till you're a smoldering pile of Hero Salsa.
And the fact that she has cloaking capabilities only makes matter worse... I wouldn't give a tin buckazoid for your life right now, Roger.

This is going to take all my brilliance.

If you can think of an easier way to get a tree branch - I'd like to hear it.

Use the tree branch to reach and grab a banana. Mmmmmmmmm, Potassiumy.

Get her sweet ass to follow me into the cave...

... and BOOYAH!

I can't take all the credit - gravity helped a bit.

Finally - some banana-in-robot action! But don't go giving yourself friction burns just yet.

He's shoving it into her jetpack.

Cliffy : Hey Cap'n! Well I'll be, you're still in one piece...
Cliffy : The ship's scanners picked up a large explosion and we drew lots ta see who got to come down and collect your remains.
Wilco : And you lost...
Cliffy : Nope, I won. But I'm relieved to see you anyway, Sir. It will save a lot of uncomfortable explanations back at StarCon.
Cliffy : I see you've got the robots head there, Sir. I been looking for that. Now I'll beam you back up to the ship and finish collecting the pieces down here.

Wilco : Hey Cliffy, I have something for you.
Wilco : I just wanted you to GET AHEAD. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Cliffy : Your sense of humor is surpassed only be your captaining skill, sir. Here, I have something you might be interested in.

Cliffy : I was puttin' this WD40 unit back together and had a couple of peieces left over. Thought you might like a souvenier. Here ya go.
Wilco : Thanks, I guess.

I meant to do that.

Grab the cloakind device from the ship.


Cliffy : Oh wow, Chief. Did that hurt? It looked painful. You Ok?
Wilco : Fine. Perfect. Now help me up.

Solid-Gold dancers represent!

Cliffy : I'll get around to installing this device once I finish my repairs on the android.
Wilco : Are you sure that fixing her is a good idea, Cliffy? I'm not sold on the whole plan.

Cliffy : Trust me, sir. Just because you two had a slight misunderstanding doesn't mean she can't become a valuable member of the crew.
Wilco : "Slight Misunderstanding?!" Cliffy, she tried to KILL ME!
Cliffy : Well, there is that. But I'm pretty sure I can crank down her lethality settings a couple notches. Afterwards, she'll probably just want to beat you severely.
Wilco : That's not going to cut it, Cliffy.

Wilco : I don't want her to so much as scowl at me, Cliffy.
Cliffy : Alright, Sir. Have it your way.
Cliffy : I suppose you're right, Sir. It's probably hard to captain a ship if you've been beaten senseless. But I do think it would help to keep you on your toes if she took a random swing at you now and then.

Good point - all that sitting-in-the-chair-while-I'm-battling-a-terminator-robot must've been very hard on you. LET'S GO GET HAMMERED!

Cliffy : Excuse me, Captain, but I see an ol' buddy of mine there by the bar.
Droole : Uh-oh, here we go again...

Here we go again? What does that mean?! WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT!?!?!?