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Part 35: Page 35

Droole : I can put us into orbit to take a closer look, captain.

Wilco : Starcon dispatched us to Klorox II for a garbage pick-up, but no trash pod was there when we arrived. The settlement has not responeded to our hails, either.
Quirk : You're using a priority com circuit to tell me THIS?! I'm in the middle of a shuttle recovery!
Wilco : Sir, I thought it might be important.
Quirk : Don't think Wilco, you're not paid to think: just to pick up trash! Now get off this circuit, you bumbling dweeb!
Wilco : But what about the colony?
Quirk : I've got more important things to worry about! It's probably just a flukey com-dish or something. Beam down and check it out if you're so concerned! NOW GET OFF THIS CHANNEL OR THE ONLY THING YOU'LL BE PILOTING IS A FERILIZER TRANSPORT OUT OF URANUS, WILCO!

I feel safer already.

Wilco : Don't you think we should stick together?
Droole : Only if you make a quick wardrobe change, sir.
Wilco : Now isn't the time to play fashion critic, Droole.
Droole : It's just that your shirt is so... Well... RED Sir. It's bad luck!

Mutant : I was once ugly like you, but look at me now!
Mutant : Perhaps I can make you pretty like me, Hmmmm?
Mutant : Now try and doge my death loogies, Monkey Boy!
Mutant : Haaaaaawkkkk!
Wilco : You know, a little hemorrhoidal ointment will clear that rash on your face right up! Now got off me!

Droole : Hey! He's a real looker! I'd better scout around and see if there's anymore of these creatures I can blow away.
Droole : Meet you back on the ship.
Wilco : He's undergoing some kind of metamorphosis...

Old man : Thank you! At last... I'm free!
Wilco : What happened here?
Old man : ...Entire colony... Mutated!
Old man : Bad soup... Secret Path... Over the ridge! Aaargh!
Wilco : What a bunch of gibberish!

The piece of paper that the mutant dropped.

Using the code from the mutant's paper we can access the computer.

The canister bears the phrase "Primordial Soup" and the logo of the Genetix research corporation.

A small label near the bottom bears the ominous inscription: "Biohazard: Teratogenic substance. Do not expose to direct sunlight, air, or water. Do not ingest, inhale, or allow contact with exposed skin.

Another fine product from Genetix Research Corp. 41666, Sector G6.

Wilco : One to beam up, Flo.
Flo : Oh great, just when I was starting to unwind up here.

Ah, Technology...

It's the captian, everyone look busy!

Quirk : SCS Goliath, repeat We're under attack. They came through... Shuttle Bay...
Flo : I'm sorry sir, I lost the transmission.
Flo : The message was too brief to pin down the exact source, but I've narrowed it down to the region of the Thrakus system.

Meanwhile -- on the SCS Goliath...

Is this... Was this... the Goliath? Wasn't Beatrice on the Goliath!? OHMYGODWHAT'SGOINGTOHAPPENNEXT!?!?