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Part 36: Page 36

Is Beatrice still alive?! Or is her body intact, at least? ... Ahem...

A quick stop in the shuttle bay to pick up an oxygen tank and mask...

... And then beam down to the planet.

Did that hurt? It looked really painful.

Woohoo! Free dead-guy jacket!

What the hell is that supposed to mean!?

Beatrice : Oh! Those pukoid mutants found me! Do something Wilco!
Beatrice : Give me your hand or something and I'll climb over you and pull you up after me...
Beatrice : Unnnh!


Wilco!! I can't hold on much longer!

But if I didn't survive SQ4, how could I have triggered this fight that caused her death in SQ5? H'uh? H'UH!?

Fine - I'll save her stupid life. She better suck like a Hoover, though.

Wilco : Flo, have Cliffy beam us out of here!
Flo : It will take a few moments to recalibrate the beam-out coordinates, Captain... Please hang on for a minute.
Wilco : That's what I had in mind...
Flo : Uh oh. Cliffy says your present orientation won't fit within the containment field of the transporter beam...
Flo : There's a clearing a few meters from your position, can you make it there?
Wilco : Do I have any choice?
Flo : Not really. Eureka out.

Beatrice : Ugh. Sorry, I tried to kick your butt back there on the planet, Captain Wilco. I thought you were one of those pukoid mutants.
Wilco : Call me Roger, and don't worry about it.
Beatrice : I don't think I'm going to make it, Roger. One of those bastards nicked me with that awful primordial soup...
Wilco : Don't worry, we'll fix you up. There's got to be a cure!
Beatrice : I'm afraid not. The only thing you can do is slow down the mutations by putting me into cryogenic suspension.
Wilco : Beatrice! You're asking me to freeze you -- and we were getting along so well...
Beatrice : I must admit I thought you were a real putz back at the academy, Roger.
Beatrice : But you've turned out to be an OK guy... Maybe even more than OK...
Beatrice : But we don't have any time for that now. I'm probably not going to make it and the pukoids have to be stopped before they trash the entire start confederation.
Wilco : How? The goliath could be parsecs away by now! We'll never catch them before they reach starcon!

Beatrice : They aren't going to get far without this. It's the goliath's warp distributor cap.
Wilco : Bea! You're a genius!
Beatrice : I know... Unnnh... Now put me in the cryo chamber... Quickly...

Wilco : Ambassador Wankmeister. She escaped from the goliath. Their entire crew has been infected by some strange substance and are turning into hideous pukoid mutants. We gotta get her stabilized before she turns into one herself. What should I do?
Cliffy : I'm an engineer, not a doctor! You better do something quick though, sir. She's starting to look a little green around the gills.

You could stand to lose a little weight, porky.

Press Cook - Bea's flesh has been roasted to a toasty golden brown. Nice going.

Defrost - Bea is not frozen, therefore, there was no need to defrost her.

Okay fine, I'll just freeze her instead of killing her horribly.

Bea has been succesfully placed in hibernation. The mutation process has been slowed, but she's not out of the wood, yet.

Droole : The goliath's approaching at high speed... She's arming her torpedoes!

Flo : They shot at us!
Droole : A brilliant observation, Flo.
Droole : Well don't just sit there, captain. DO something.
Droole : She's coming around again!
Wilco : Evasive action!
Droole : But sir! That will take us directly into an asteroid field. It'd be suicide!

Wilco : Speaking of pustules quirk, you've never looked better.
Quirk : Ha! You pathetic fool! You've no idea what you're up against!
Quirk : I'm going to puke out the entire galaxy -- starting with starcon!
Wilco : Not if I have anything to say about it!
Quirk : Ha! Your puny ship is no match for the goliath.
Quirk : Au revoir, Broom jockey. The next time we meet you won't be so lucky!

Cliffy : You can monitor me on audio over the com circuit in my pressure suit.
Wilco : Be careful, Cliffy.
Cliffy : Yes, sir. Preparing to exit pod bay airlock.
Cliffy : I'm heading towards the port stabilizer.
Cliffy : Made it.
Cliffy : This will only take a minute. I just need to make a few minor adjustments...
Cliffy : O.K. Cap'n that's got her.
Cliffy : I'm coming ba...

Droole : Say captain, am I just seeing things, or is that gentleman floating out there in space with the surprised expression on his face our chief engineer?

Cliffy? CLIFFY!? NOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo....