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Part 38: Page 38

Taunt the frog until he activates the communicator for us.

Flo : Yuck! You look hideous, captain.
Wilco : Thanks for the pep talk Flo. Tell Cliffy to get down here--NOW!!
Flo : I'll inform him of your predicament, Sir. But the transporter is malfunctioning again.
Wilco : Oh, really? I hadn't noticed.
Flo : Captain, sensors have located a large udnerground structure to the west of your position.
Flo : Why don't you go check it out while we work on the transporter problem.
Wilco : I'll do that Flo. But please tell Cliffy to get down here ASAP. Wilco out.

Being a teeny-tiny fly, we can just slip through the keycard slot.

Checking out the computer system.

Finally, let's see what there is to see with the security cameras.

Aw man, I just washed that uniform

Wilco : It's about time Cliffy fixed that dang transporter...
Wilco : I'm really gonna bug him about this one for a long time!

Cliffy : Can you describe the problem, sir?
Wilco : Will you look at me! I'm a fly!
Cliffy : You sure are! What happened to the rest of you?
Wilco : I think I, I mean he--uh, it, crawled in the trash bin out back.
Cliffy : Okay, I'm pretty sure I can fix you up... Where's this dumpster?
Wilco : I think it's behind that large rock outcropping.
Cliffy : Lead the way, Captain...
W-D40 : Excuse me, Captain, I am going to scan the perimeter.

Cliffy : Here's your body, Captain... Hmmm, some people might say you've never looked better.
Cliffy : I think I can fix ya up Cap'n. I just hafta reverse the phase polarity on the transporter interface grid...
Cliffy : You need to park yourself on 'ol Dung-breath here, for me to descramble the two of you.

Cliffy : Here goes nothing... Energize!

Cliffy : Boy captain, I'm sure glad yo'ure back to normal--You were really starting to 'bug' me! HA!
Wilco : That's not funny, chief.
Cliffy : Sorry, Sir... How do ya feel?
Wilco : Except for a strange urge to go jump in that, fertilizer bin and roll around, I feel pretty normal.
Cliffy : This sure is some setup those Genetix boys got here...
Wilco : You haven't seen the half of it! I flew through the locking mechanism and found a big underground lab next door--Of course there was only so much I could do there as a fly...
Wilco : Anyway, there was a lot of really high tech gizmos and all kinds of advanced technology...

A moment too late, you realize saying the words 'advanced technology' to Cliffy is like showing a photograph of helpless women and children to a doberman pinscher. A hungry gleam comes to engineer's eye...

Cliffy : Oh really? Why don't we take a closer look at that lock, cap'n. You never know, if we can open it we might even find somethin' we can use against the pukoid critters. I'll meet ya there.

W-D40 : Here is your communicator, Sir. I located it during my scans of the area.
Cliffy : Thanks, WD40.
W-D40 : I believe I can be of the most help back on the ship. Please beam me aboard, Cliffy.
Wilco : Beam us aboard the Eureka, Cliffy.
Cliffy : I'll beam us up now, Cap'n.

Wilco : There's got to be some way to help Beatrice, Cliffy.
Cliffy : I really can't think of any offhand, Sir.
Cliffy : What's your Beastie so excited about?
Wilco : I think he's trying to tell us something what is it boy?!

Cliffy : He's jumping on the cryo chamber!
Wilco : Is that it Spike? You want us to jump on the cryo chamber?

Cliffy : I don't think so, sir.
Wilco : Now he's jumping on the transporter...
Cliffy : What do you think the critter is trying to tell us, cap'n?

Cliffy : Ya know, it just might work!
Wilco : Good boy, Spikey!
Cliffy : Get the ambassador ready, sir. I'll man the transporter.

Spikey giveth, and Spikey taketh away.

Beatrice : So did I. I feel weak. I need to rest.
Wilco : No problem, I'll tuck you back in the cryo so you can recuperate.
Beatrice : Ok, but I've got just one question for you guys. What happened to my underwear?
Beatrice : BUUUURP! Ooops. Excuse me Roger.

Using the hole-punch, we can use the business card to fake up a keycard.

Cliffy : It looks dangerous down there Captain, I volunteer to stand guard up here.

The only thing left to do down here is pick up this Nitro Glycerin.

Wilco : Extremely low temperature temporarily halts the molecular action of the primordial soup that causes the mutations.
Cliffy : Does it reverse the process?
Wilco : I'm afraid not, but at least it's better than nothing.
Cliffy : Did ya find anythign else?
Wilco : I found a couple canisters of liquid nitrogen...
Cliffy : Great! Give 'em here--maybe I can rig somethin' up to use against the pukoid critters.
Wilco : I sure hope so, cliffy.
Cliffy : Well cap'n, I think we've done all we can here for now. Let's head back to the ship.

Now, to track down the Goliath!