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Part 40: Page 40

... Listen and follow along as you laugh uproariously at my insightfully biting comments and brilliantly animated GIFs.

Just in case you forgot who makes the series.

No fancy title screens this time around.

We are having waffles for lunch.

(In case it isn't clear) While this is going on, you can hear a bunch of stuff getting knocked over. It's hard to walk around in darkness.

Starcon : Abandoning your post. Deviating from mission parameters.
Starcon : Misuse of StarCon property.
Starcon : Disintegrating a fellow officer.
Starcon : Perpetrating a sequel without authorization.
Starcon : And consorting with a female of higher rank.
Starcon : Do you have anything to say for yourself before we pronounce sentence?
Wilco : Umm...
Wilco : Can't you guys take a joke?
Starcon : Do you have anything INTELLIGENT to say for yourself before we pronounce sentence?
Wilco : Uh, nope.
Starcon : Very well. It is the opinion of this tribunal that as punishment for your crimes against the StarCon Federation, you are to be decommissioned.
Starcon : You are hereby stripped of the rank of Captain.

Starcon : You are no longer an officer of the StarCon Federation.

Starcon : Your enrollment at StarCon Academy is hereby terminated.

Starcon : However...

Starcon : the SCS DeepShip 86.

This is your commander speaking...

So. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you...

Meanwhile, in a deserted warehouse just outside the galaxy...

Woman : Do you understand?
Others : Oh yes, we've got it, yes, yes, we've got it, oh, yes, right!
Woman : Good.
Woman : Now.
Woman : I believe you'll find him here...

Woman : ... on shore leave.

Narrator : Well, at least you got here with all your important parts -- your hands, your mouth, and your stomach.
Roger : Oh, great. Real wonderful! Nice beam job, you metallic piece of scrap.
Roger : Geez, this is snug. Real snug. Hmmmm. You know, actually this makes me feel kind of good. I remember when I used to wear my mom's... er, well, never mind. This is no time for nostalgia. I've got a serious extraction problem to work out first.