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Part 46: Page 46

Lunchtime in Jail...

That's a lot of food, eh? Maybe we can... assemble it into something... Watch the lower right corner as our creation comes together.

Finally, an edible sex-doll!

Wilco : Yikes! It's a good thing Dorff's so vain about wearing his prescribed, much thicker glasses. That was too close. I nearly dampened an undergarment.

Then Dorf leaves the room for some reason.

Here's a glimpse of the "invisible" prisoner in the other cell - you can only see him briefly once every ten seconds or so.

Then dorf comes back, and brings us a donut on that same cart. Can you see where this is going?

Inject the Morphin into the donut we grabbed off the cart, and leave it for the big Guard to eat.

And just because I think it has potential for a cool Avatar - here's a higher quality gif of the Elton John part...

Naturally - the other guard has no reaction to this at all. So we can just casually walk over and give her another Vulgar Nerve Pinch, and then feel her up once she's unconscious.

Use Sidney's arm to press both buttons at once.

Use the button on the Guard's Keyring to figure out which ship is ours.

Narrator : The shuttle's alarm is now deactivated.

Once in the ship, grab the recall notice out of the seat pocket.

Narrator : It reads "Dear Hamm Shuttle Owner. It has come to our attention that there is a minor misprint in the owner's manual for the 1000 serious of shuttles. Until a new manual can be acquired, please disregard page 73, paragraph 4 of that manual.

Okay, let's get this pig in the air!

This right here is more of SQ6's copy protection. You have to set all this stuff to these values. Don't tell anyone.

And supposedly, so was the Datacorder to Homing beacon thing.

Except if you just bought the Jewel-case version, like I did, the little pamphlet that came with it has fuck all to say about either one.

Thanks, Sierra!

Such a shame about Chainsaw Monday, I wonder whatever happened?... Talk about shit luck - I'd so love to spend MORE money on your fine products.

Anyways - use sidney's eye in the retinal scanner...

And just as we're about to launch, some Storm-Trooper-looking things rush in guns blazing, and one of them somehow manages to throw me my fish.

Don't worry, I don't get it either.

And here's another crash bug - for some random reason sometimes right here the game will just freeze. If anyone out there is looking for some High Quality software developers - Scott Murphy is probably available for cheap.

Commander Kielbasa : You will turn that ship around immediately and head back to the Shuttlebay! Do you understand, Wilco?!
Wilco : Bite me, Commander.
Commander Kielbasa : What was that last transmission, Wilco?!
Wilco : Uh, we're, uh, having a little problem with the signal, Sir.
Wilco : I mean... uh, with all due respect, Sir, I did plead with you not to leave Stellar behind, Sir. I sense that something is just not right with that Community.
Wilco : I don't believe Stellar is dead and I just can't leave her there. I am going to do this, Sir, regardless of the consequences. Stellar saved my life not once, but twice. I owe her.
Commander Kielbasa : Well, that was her own stupid mistake. I demand that you return at once, Wilco! If you do so and surrender now, your record will be taken into consideration during your disciplinary hearing.
Narrator : Oh, that'll help you loads!!
Wilco : I'm sorry, Sir, but I just can't. I have to do this.
Commander Kielbasa : WILCO! YOU FOOL!

Narrator : Just then, the shuttle is sucked into the anti-anomaly. Communication with the DeepShip has been disrupted.

Here's the previously mentioned invisible-monster-death.

Try opening the other cell.

Try opening it again.

Narrator : Game over, Man, game over!