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Part 49: Page 49

Savor it, kids. Second last update EVAR.

Take the capillaries and sperm-looking things from the sides of the ship.

And stick the capillaries together with the duct tape.

Enter her stomch through the ulcer on the left.

Grab a candy and throw it into the stomach acid for points. (The game won't let you taste the candy)

Grab the feather, the celery string, and the staple.

Using the celery and staple together, we get a grappling-hook type deal.

Evidently Stellar eats like a duck.

Knock the pill loose, and then tickle her throat with the feather.

The resulting coughing fit knocks the twinkie loose.

That's hot.

Anyways, the falling twinkie causes the stomach acid to kill the nanites.

Elsewhere in the digestive system, we use the pump with the taped-together-capillaries to fill our helmet with whatever the hell this is.

Narrator : You give the pump a stroke or two, and in the process gather a nice helmet-load of bile. I guess congratulations are in order.

Can you believe somebody actually got paid *money* to make this fucking game?

Run away from the Gall stone, or whatever the hell that is, and pick up some of the rubble.

Then we end up in some clogged-looking thing. I don't know what they were going for here - it almost looks like they want to imply that it's a cholesteral-coated vein or something. Except we're in the digestive system.

Jam the sperm-looking things into the clog and inflate them.

Seriously - some guy went to his boss and was all like "Here's Space Quest 6!", and the boss was all like "Great! Here's some money!"

Catch a drop of whatever this is in the helmet-bile.

Narrator : You maneuver your helmet beneath the drip and manage to snag a nice little dollop of the stuff.

And now back to the stomach, and use the whatever from the helmet to melt the capsule that was knocked loose earlier.

Narrator : You now own one of those tiny timed-release pills.

Feed the pill to the tapeworm for some reason so we can ride it.

Narrator : Hmmm, Impressive. The tapeworm suddenly becomes much more animated!

Narrator : YEOW! Now that's a ride you won't take in the Magic Kingdom.

Take a piece of the filling, a piece of the paper-clip, and a piece of the piece of finger nail.

Try to leave to the left just for fun...

Narrator : You've never even met her mother.
Wilco : Yeah.

Ride the worm again to get out of here.

Narrator : You like to ride the worm, huh?
Narrator : I let you ride the worm.

And finally head back to the ship, put the piece of filling into the gas tank for some reason, and insert the new disc that doctor what's-his-name gave us into the computer.

Off to the brain!

Thesoldier posted:

Be thankful he didn't show what happens when you don't feed the worm the medicine, or if you try to fuck with the stomach nanos

In my threads, nobody gets to be thankful.