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Part 7: Page 7

At last, the Vinegar strokes.

Starting off with a couple things that are just for points.

Guard : Do you own King's Quest II?
Wilco : Yes.
Guard : Great!
Ponderring this guy's interest, you wonder if this guy is getting a kickback from Sierra On-line. Later you realize this is silly. What would a Sarien do with money from Coarsegold?

Robot : Welcome to the Weapons Dispensary. I will assist you, please supply me with your identification card.
Robot : Excuse me, I will retrieve your weapon.
(Wilco takes a grenade)
Robot : Your rank allows you to bear 1 pulseray unit. Remember, no firing in the ship. Have a nice day.

Stealing a grenade 101.

The grenade drops to the floor releasing its poisonous gas on the unsuspecting alien. Good shot, Son of Bug Jug!

One more trip to the armory to get the second grenade, and we're in like Flynn.

My, aren't you the clumsy one. Because of your inability to walk without falling on your face, your helmet is now riding the elevator without you. You've blown your cover. The sariens are sure to shoot first and ask questions later.

Oh good, I was worried the rest of this would be simple.

It's hard to appreciate these early Sierra games if you've never played one - but here's my shot at describing it. I swear to Xenu that this gif actually happened exactly as depicted, and is not exagerated in any way.

push control button
That does not computer.
push remote control button
That does not compute.
push button on control
I don't understand your request.
push button on remote
That is not currently one of your options.

push on button
Suddenly, the force field protecting the Star Generator disappears.

Remember the code that the cartridge gave?

Do NOT get in my way

get in esacpe pod
You swiftly slip into the sleek ship. (Try saying that three times fast.)

Aww, I was hoping for cash.

Thanks for playing Space Quest
Watch for Space Quest II

Stay tuned for Space Quest 2!