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Part 9: Page 9

... Dad?

Show me on the doll where they touched you.

But after that I can go home, right?

Get your paws off me, you DAMN. DIRTY. APES!

Remember the days when parallax scrolling kicked ass? Me neither.

Did I fart?


At least things can't get any worse.

Xythar posted:

Awesome, SQ2. For some reason I still remember the "Way to go, Exlax!" (or whatever it said) death message when you stepped off the space station's platform at the start. This was before I knew what Exlax was (it's not a brand that's sold here) so I thought it was just a cool name.

Also: Incredible 3-D graphics! Move behind, in front of and around objects.

Good call on the missed death.

Due to an obvious lack of common sense you have stepped off the edge, lost your magnetic grip of the ship, and drifted to your death.
Way to go, wingnut! Once again you've demonstrated your inability to sustain life. You quickly glance around the room to see if anyone saw you blow it. Thanks for playing Space Quest II, Son of Bug Jug, you've been swell to watch. Have a Nice Day.