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Space Station Silicon Valley

by Goldom

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Original Thread: Animal cruelty, courtesy of robots: Let's Play Space Station Silicon Valley



Space Station Silicon Valley is a game about animals. Cute, fuzzy animals. And also they're robots. Because here's the thing: they got lost in space with nothing to eat besides computers. So, clearly, this somehow poses a great danger to the world, and off you go to save the day. Unfortunately, it doesn't go so well, and in order to survive you have to inhabit the animals' bodies.

Really, this is the kind of high-quality storyline that you just don't see in many games anymore.

Ok, so the story isn't the selling point. But it is a surprisingly fun game filled with wackiness. And cute sheep.

Mostly spoken VLP here, with the occasional caption in a sort of meta-LP style. This isn't a blind run, per-se, but I haven't actually finished the game before, so it should be interesting.

Some notes (excuses) on a few quality issues:
The game likes to randomly switch its resolution and throw black bars on varying sides of the screen. The first few videos, I didn't really know what to do about this, and just cropped it the best I could. Video quality improves as of video 6, when I figure out how to deal with the bars.
Also, the game crashes. A lot. So there are semi-noticeable (under 1 second) pauses every once in a while when I'm save-stating. It's unfortunate, but better than having to replay a level from the beginning every time it decides to freeze.


Video 1: IntroViddler Dailymotion
Video 1b: Smashing StartViddler Dailymotion
Bonus 1: This could have gone betterViddler Dailymotion
Video 2: Have A Nice Day!Viddler Dailymotion
Video 3: Honeymoon LagoonViddler Dailymotion
Video 4: The Battery FarmViddler Dailymotion
Bonus 2: Hay, that hurts!Viddler Dailymotion
Video 5: The Engine RoomViddler Dailymotion
Video 6: Fat Bear MountainViddler Dailymotion
Video 7: Rocky Hard PlaceViddler Dailymotion
Video 8: Stinky SewersViddler Dailymotion
Video 9: Rat-o-MaticViddler Dailymotion
Bonus 3: Rats.Viddler Dailymotion
Video 10: Give A Dog A BonusViddler Dailymotion
Video 11: Snow JokeViddler Dailymotion
Video 12: Ice 'n' Easy Does ItViddler Dailymotion
Video 13: Penguin PlaypenViddler Dailymotion
Part 1, Part 2
Video 14: Pinball BlizzardViddler Dailymotion
Video 15: Hoppa ChoppaViddler
Part 1, Part 2
Part 1, Part 2
Video 16: Something FishyViddler Dailymotion
Part 1, Part 2
Video 17: Walrace 64Viddler Dailymotion
Video 18: Jungle JapesViddler Dailymotion
Video 19: Jungle DoldrumsViddler Dailymotion
Video 20: Swamp Of Eternal StenchViddler Dailymotion
Part 1, Part 2
Video 21: Weight For It!Viddler Dailymotion
Part 1, Part 2
Video 22: Jungle JumpsViddler Dailymotion
Bonus 4: Land of cheatingViddler Dailymotion
Video 23: Evo's EscapeViddler Dailymotion
Video 24: Fun In The SunViddler Dailymotion
Video 25: Hot Cross BunsViddler Dailymotion
Part 1, Part 2
Video 26: Sting In The TailViddler Dailymotion
Part 1, Part 2
Video 27: Borassic ParkViddler Dailymotion
Video 28: Whirlwind TourViddler Dailymotion
Video 29: Shifting SandsViddler Dailymotion
Part 1, Part 2
Video 30: Punch up PyramidViddler Dailymotion
Video 31: Big Celebration ParadeViddler Dailymotion
Part 1, Part 2
Video 32: The EndViddler Dailymotion
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