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Original Thread: Spelunky HD (PC) - Rube Goldberg Wants You Dead. (Video LP)



With Spelunky, you are never learning a 'piece' of music... It's still a game about repetition and learning, but what you are learning is the overall composition, understanding the overall system and how it works, and becoming fluent in that. [...] Spelunky looks like a game of execution, but it's really a game about information and decision-making. How good are you at looking at a situation and understanding what it means? You can't memorize, and you can't take time to carefully analyse, you must rely on your literacy of the system, and this is a kind of holistic knowledge that feels great in my brain, a wonderful new flavor for a single-player game, and a deeply promising direction for further exploration. - A IGF Judge


Welcome to this Let's Play of Spelunky! It was developed and first released by Derek Yu in December 2008, as a freeware beta rogue-like platformer in progress. In this game, you play the part of the spelunker, an unnamed character whose sole mission or purpose in life is to explore a series of dangerous caves, pursing a trail of treasure and adventure. There's no real story or narrative involved; the only thing that matter is that you need to explore several levels filled with dangers, armed with a whip, a handful of bombs and ropes, and your wits. You need to dodge the many traps and monsters in your way in order to reach the end of every level alive. Failure to make it through would simply bring you all the way back to the entrance, as if nothing happened. And then a new adventure would begin.

As with most rogue-likes out there, every level is randomly generated, making every single playthrough a unique experience. It is one of these games that is pretty easy to pick up and learn, but very difficult to master. In one playthrough, you might find yourself being ambushed by a giant spider and be bitten to death. In the other one, you'll successfully fight your way through a similar enemy, but end up face to face with an arrow trap that knocks you all the way into a spike pit. This game is pretty much a constant learning experience; with each death, you feel as if you'll have learned something that will help you survive in the next playthrough. But uncovering all of Spelunky's mechanics in a way to always win the game is something that no one could ever reach. This game will always find a new way to surprise you and this is what I intent to show.

There are two versions of this game: the freeware version first released in 2008, all developed in Game Maker by Derek Yu, featuring old styled pixel graphics. The version that we will be playing is the HD remake, which was developed by Derek Yu and Andy Hull for the XBox Live Arcade in 2012. Ever since, it's been ported on PC, PSN and the PS Vita. This version features overhauled graphics, a lot of new enemies, items and traps, several new locations to explore, as well than a new hidden world and final boss to fight.


Seeing as how this is a randomly-generated game, I simply can't play my way through this game fully and then call it a day. There is a lot to see and do in this game and I will be taking my time in order to show it all. My intent with this game will be to fully show it off and display the many different ways you can play it. There will be a full range of playthroughs exhibited through this thread; standard runs where I try to win the game, special runs where I'll dedicate myself to showing off one item in particular, speedruns where I try and beat the game as fast as I can and I'll give a try at the harder to get achievements of the game, like collecting $500000 in one playthrough or beating the game without collecting money.

If people in the thread want to see special runs from me, post about it in the thread and I'll consider your offer. I've played this game to death and your suggestions may just make things more fun to me, since I'd attempt brand new things to do and the fun part of Spelunky is discovering these new things.

Enough words from me. Hope you all enjoy the videos!


Chapter 1 - Learning to Die
Chapter 2 - Sleeping in a Jar
Chapter 3 - Nice to Bee Here
Chapter 4 - We Will Rock You
Chapter 5 - Making It There
Chapter 6 - Behind The Scenes
Chapter 7 - Viking Tourist
Chapter 8 - I Am Lady Destruction


Chapter 9 - SUUUUUPER MEEEEAT *splat*
Chapter 10 - I Love You, I Kill You
Chapter 11 - Body Harvest
Chapter 12 - The Lord of That Place
Chapter 13 - The Great Key Caper
Chapter 14 - I Must Be Getting Close...
Chapter 15 - Mr. Self Destruct
Chapter 16 - Nanook Rubs It
Chapter 17 - Loose Ends


Chapter 18 - Ball and Chain Run
Chapter 19 - Pacifist Run
Chapter 20 - No Gold Run
Chapter 21 - Speedlunky
Chapter 22 - No Items
Chapter 23 - Multiplayer - Same Input (Part 1)
Chapter 24 - Multiplayer - Same Input (Part 2)
Chapter 25 - A Perfectly Normal Update
Chapter 26 - Insane Frozlunky


(Akogare Zephyr)

Rope Pile
Ropes are an essential tool of the explorer. Great for those hard-to-reach places!
One of the most common items in the game. It gives you 3 extra ropes to use.

Bomb Bag
A bag of three bombs.
These also are very common. You can never have enough bombs in this game, make sure you don't pass them up.

Bomb Box
A box that holds twelve bombs.
These are awesome to find. However, they're much more rarer (and expensive).

A nice pair of spectacles that lets you see things you normally wouldn't.
They allow you to see hidden gems in the ground as well than items. In the original Spelunky, you needed these in order to see items that were hidden in the ground, but since the Udjat Eye also does that in the HD remake, it's mostly a redundant item. At least, you get the bonus of seeing better in the dark.

Climbing Gloves
They protect your hands and let you to cling to even the most slippery of walls.
These allow you to climb up any surface in the game, no matter how high it is. This item allows you to save up on ropes a lot, but they have the added drawback of making movement a little harder because you end up clinging on walls by accident.

Pitcher's Mitt
It improves your throwing and catching skills!
They allow you to throw things really, really far. When equipped, you'll throw items (or enemies) in a straight line until it hits a wall. It makes throwing a bit easier, although there are times you'll miss having the downward arc of the items as they're affected by gravity.

Spring Shoes
Puts a spring in your step.
They double your jumping height. Combined with climbing gloves, you'll barely ever need to use ropes anymore. They also are handy for jumping over nasty obstacles in one jump, such as tiki traps.

Spike Shoes
Hiking boots fitted with sharp spikes on their soles.
These shoes give your feet a real punch. Upon stomping enemies, you will deal them 3 damage, which is enough to kill more than half of the enemies of the game in one hit. They also allow you to deal damage to enemies that are immune to your regular shoes. Additionally, they give you perfect friction and stop you from sliding all over icy platforms. A very nice item which is relatively common and inexpensive.

The most expensive camera on the market. Say cheese!
A new item in Spelunky HD. Believe it or not, the camera is a weapon. It's very situational, but it has its uses. It'll stun any enemy of the game for a brief duration and it'll instantly kill undead creatures, like bats, skeletons, vampires and even mummies. It's also the only weapon in the game that affects the ghost, which will stop him for a brief moment.

This compass always points the way to the exit.
Pretty self-explanatory. Very useful in the Ice Caves, where it'll greatly diminish your chances of being stuck or falling in the Abyss.

Coat your bombs with this and they'll stick to pretty much anything.
Once you throw a bomb at something, it'll stay stuck on it until it explodes. It makes it easier for you to destroy parts of the ground that are far away and it make your bombs a great fighting tool against stronger enemies like giant spiders, mammoths, mummies or shopkeepers. The only drawback is that you can't make your bombs bounce on walls anymore.

A sharp tool that's great for digging, but the craftsmanship is shoddy.
Allows you to dig your way through walls or the ground with ease. However, the mattock will break after a number of swings. It should usually last for at least 2-3 levels, though.

It slices, it dices, it cuts through monsters like stale bread!
An upgraded melee weapon. It deals 2 damage to any target it hits and it allows you to even damage unconscious enemies. Very good against the midrange enemies like Cavemen, Tiki Men, Mantraps or Scorpions. Its only drawback is that you have to carry it in your arms, which makes it annoying if there are other items you must bring along, like damsels, idols or the chest key.

A popular weapon of tiki men. It (almost) always comes back!
A new item in Spelunky HD. The most basic ranged weapon of the game. It deals 1 damage to any enemy it hits, but you can often hit an enemy several times in one throw. It comes back to you after you throw it, making it fun to use for trick shots. Tiki men in the jungle will always carry one, making this weapon fairly common and easy to find.

A razor-sharp blade fashioned from the tooth of a worm. It replaces your whip.
A new item in Spelunky HD. Once you pick it up, it becomes your new default weapon. It packs a punch, as it instantly kills any enemy it hits while gibbing their corpse. However, this makes it much more harder to sacrifice enemies to Kali, as corpses will disappear. You can also very easily kill damsels by accident with it.

Web Gun
A gun that shoots sticky spider webs.
One of the weirdest weapons in the game. It shoots webs at enemies to trap them, or you can also shoot webs against walls and use them to climb up. With that said, it doesn't do much that other items won't do better.

Your typical 12-gauge shotgun.
Your standard heavy duty weapon. It shoots a lot of pellets at long ranges, each of them dealing 4 damage to any enemy it hits. There is a very slight period where the enemy will be invulnerable after being hit by a pellet, so you might have to shoot several times to kill tougher enemies. At least it fires reasonably fast. Beware the kickback when you shoot, though!

Freeze Ray
A blast from this will freeze anything completely solid.
A new item in Spelunky HD. It's essentially a shorter range shotgun with more destructive capabilities. Once you freeze an enemy, you have a few seconds to whip/jump on their frozen body in order to instantly kill them. Freezing an enemy in midair will make their body drop down and shatter upon hitting the ground. It also has a slight kickback that you need to be careful with.

Plasma Cannon
The height of alien weapon design. This thing packs a punch!
A new item in Spelunky HD. This weapon encapsulates the whole risk vs. reward mechanic of Spelunky. It fires really slowly, it has a huge as hell kickback, it's also pretty hard to find and you can very easily kill yourself with it. On the flip side, IT SHOOTS GIANT LASERS THAT EXPLODE ALL OVER THE FUCKING PLACE AND MURDERS EVERYTHING. It's always found in the Mothership, guarded by the Alien Queen.

It will deploy automatically as you're falling.
The most common item in the game that isn't bombs or ropes. If you fall from too high places, it'll activate automatically and prevent you from having a rough landing. Gone after one use. If you feel like buying these, they are really unexpensive, so it may be worth it. Maybe.

It looks dashing and also lets you float in the air.
It's essentially a parachute that you can activate and deactivate at will. It's permanent, too! It allows you to go down levels a whole lot more easily.

A piece of futuristic technology! But it hasn't been perfected yet...
There's only one button on this remote and it's only purpose is to want you dead. Actually, it moves you a few squares away from where you're looking at. While you jump, you can even teleport downwards, which can either allow for extreme spreedrunning or extremely dying fast by impaling yourself on spikes. However, it also can teleport you inside a wall, killing you instantly. However, if you teleport inside an enemy, you'll kill it as well, which allows neat moves like instantly killing the alien queen.

The coolest way to travel. The fuel replenishes while you're on the ground.
The best item in the entire game. You can fly around for roughly 2 seconds before you're forced to land. Upon landing, your fuel refills instantly. With a jetpack, there's no section in any level which is off limits to you. Get climbing gloves and you have pretty much unlimited fuel by clinging on random walls. The only trouble with the jetpack is finding one; they're very rare and expensive!

The ultimate in protective armor! Even a cannonball couldn't get through this.
A new item in Spelunky HD. Defeat the Black Knight and you can take his shield. No enemy can go through it, no projectile can bust it and you can kill enemies by crushing them against walls with it. Be careful though, you can also crush gold, boxes, treasure and damsels with it!

Vlad's Cape
The bloody cape of Vlad the Impaler. It's even more dashing than regular capes.
A new item in Spelunky HD. It's an alternate cape that you get by defeating Vlad in Hell. When you activate it in the air, it allows you to double jump and it makes you float like with a parachute. However, you can only activate it once per jump, making it quite awkward to use, compared to the regular cape.

Royal Jelly
A delicious nectar that's made by bees. Highly valued by gourmands everywhere.
A new item in Spelunky HD. You can obtain it by killing the queen bee in a jungle beehive. It gives you 4 extra hit points!

A golden statue guarded by deadly traps. Bring it to the exit for a big reward!
These relics are worth a lot more money, but you have to deal with certain traps in order to reach them or they activate traps when you get them. Bring it to the exit or a pacific shopkeeper to earn lots of cash. The idol gives you $5000 in the Mines and every new place you get to will increase the Idol's value by $5000 more.

A cup made from a human skull. It's used in bloody rituals.
Sacrifice enough souls on Kali's altar and you will get this reward. It allows you to collect drops of blood and once it's filled up, you earn an extra hit point. The easiest way of getting one is to sacrifice two living damsels or slaves to Kali, which will earn you enough favor to get you this item.

Vlad's Amulet
A magical amulet that protects its owner from fire.
A new item in Spelunky HD. You always find it buried in the ground near Vlad. This amulet protects you against magma men and lava, which will significantly increase your chances to survive in Hell.

Udjat Eye
The Eye is an ancient symbol of royal power. Does it have any other purpose?
The first item of a chain of items which will get you to the City of Gold. To obtain it, find the key in the mines and use it to unlock the chest. The Udjat Eye allows you to see items and jewels buried in the ground and will give you sound cues in the Jungle to let you know where the entrance to the Black Market is.

A magical artifact that symbolizes eternal life.
The second item of a chain of items which will get you to the City of Gold. You can buy it in the Black Market for $50000... or steal it if you don't have the money or if shopkeepers hate you. When you die, you are brought back to life at the beginning of the stage you're at. If you die in the Ice Caves, in the level with the Moai Statue with an ankh on it, you'll spawn inside the Statue and get the Hedjet.

The white crown of pharaohs. It grants its wearer access to secret areas.
The third item of a chain of items which will get you to the City of Gold. It's one of the two objects you need to enter the City of Gold. It serves no purpose otherwise.

The person who wields the staff of Anubis has control over life and death.
The final item of a chain of items which will get you to the City of Gold. It's a powerful, yet highly unpredictable weapon that shoots homing psychic blasts that blaze through the air at high speeds. It instantly kills any enemy it touches, but that also includes yourself. It also acts as the key to the City of Gold, but you'll need the Hedjet to use it. The Sceptre will disappear once you open the door that leads to the City of Gold.

Book of the Dead
Guarded by Anubis II in the City of Gold. It opens the entrance to the underworld.
This item opens the door leading to Hell in Olmec's lair. It offers a visual cue in your HUD, where the book will open its mouth faster and faster the closer you are to the door. Once you collect it, you'll have to fight Anubis II, which will appear above you, spawn endless skeletons on the floor and follow you through levels.

These protrusions will leave big holes in anyone unlucky enough to fall on them.
Falling on them mean instant death. If you're on the same ground than them, you can safely walk through them. You can drop from a ledge on spikes as long as there's no height difference between you and the spikes.

Arrow Trap
A basic trap. It fires an arrow when something moves in front of it.
The arrows are shot in a straight line until it hits a wall/enemy, where it bounces and end up landing on the ground. These arrows deal 2 damage to whatever they hit. If they are in your way, you can enable them prematurely by tossing bombs, pots, people or ropes in front of them. Watch out for bouncing/falling arrows, they can still hurt! Once an arrow hit a target, it will lose its tip and become mostly harmless (it can still knock you around).

Powder Box
It's filled with black powder. Handle with care!
A new trap in Spelunky HD. They are boxes of explosives randomly scattered in the Mines. Hitting them or making them drop from high heights will set them off. The trickiest thing with them is that they will also explode when touched by falling debris or even blood, making them quite unpredictable.

An elaborate trap used to punish thieves.
When you pick up Idols in the mines, they will drop from the giant statue head and roll around, creating a large path of destruction and chaos everywhere it goes. It also rolls for quite a while, so make sure there's no shops, altars or vaults in the way that it'll disturb. Being crushed by one is an instant kill.

Tiki Trap
Sharp spikes on either side skewer anything that gets too close.
The bane of your existence in your early Spelunky adventures. As you get close to them, spikes will poke out of their sides and try to puncture you for 4 points of damage as well than knocking you around the place, which makes them very lethal. At least they're also very efficient at killing other enemies as well.

Caustic stomach acid that slowly burns away the flesh. Beware of the bubbles!
A new trap in Spelunky HD. Acid bubbles are spat out by snails, but you'll also find pools of acid within The Worm. You can dive inside acid and swim in it, but you'll take 1 point of damage for about every 3 seconds you're touching the acid. It's generally an unwise idea to go in it.

An alien contraption that's used for transportation and entertainment.
These are found all over the Ice Caves, propelling you, enemies and even items high in the sky. They can save you ropes, but they can also make some enemies harder to deal with and they can very rarely lead to you being knocked senselessly to your doom by a item clubbing you in the face repeatedly.

A proximity-triggered explosive device. Disarm it quickly!
A new trap in Spelunky HD. Whenever anything comes in contact with the mine, it'll explode after uttering a very short beep. If you're fast enough, you can pick them up, which will disarm them. As soon as you throw it on the ground, it'll be rearmed and ready to explode, which gives this trap some workaround method of digging through terrain or killing enemies if you have no bombs.

It's part of the standard spaceship defense system.
A new trap in Spelunky HD. They have a targeting system that will home in toward you as you get close to them. After a few seconds, they will fire a fast laser that can knock you around and deal 1 damage. If you whip them, they get dismounted off their port and become harmless. You can then carry and throw it at enemies, although that'll make it explode!

A powerful laser barrier that can even deflect plasma blasts.
These always protect alien lords and queens from spelunkers like you. They deal 1 point of damage and knock you off. The forcefields also have the added ability to repel projectiles or items thrown at them. To get rid of them, you must blow up their power source with explosives.

Crush Trap
This heavy stone block is imbued with the spirit of the pharaoh's palace guard.
Probably the deadliest obstacle in the whole game. These blocks act like Thwomps in the Mario games, except they can crush you in all 4 directions. If you get too close to one, it'll zoom toward you at high speeds to obliterate you. Being crushed is instant death.

Ceiling Trap
When the ceiling starts dropping, you'd better stop hopping!
If you try picking up the Idol in the Temple, you will be sealed shut in the Idol room and these will close in on your head to crush you. Blow your way out of the chamber before you die.

Spike Ball
A deadly ball and chain that swings with infernal determination.
A new trap in Spelunky HD. They swing around at variable speeds throughout Hell's surface. Being hit by a spike ball and chain will knock you around and deal 2 damage. If you blow up the support block that holds them up, they start rolling around like boulders, destroying everything in their path.

Molten rock that flows deep underground. The heat can melt almost anything!
You'll find plenty of lava pits in the Temple and in Hell. Falling in it will instantly burn you to a crisp, putting an end to your adventure. Additionally, fragments of magma will randomly fly out of lava pits, creating Magma Men that will walk around the place. It will also dissolve monsters or items that will fall in it. If you find Vlad's Amulet, you can swim in Lava as if it was water.

Snake Health: 1, Damage: 1
The bane of every adventurer. It enjoys hiding in pots.
The most basic enemy of the game. They just move back and forth on platforms at a steady pace. They won't cause any trouble unless you get too reckless.

Cobra Health: 1, Damage: 1
A deadly serpent with a distinctive hood and venomous spit.
A new enemy to Spelunky HD. They are upgraded snakes that have the added ability to spit poison at you. Their projectiles will knock you around senseless if they hit you.

Bat Health: 1, Damage: 1
It prefers eating bugs, but will attack human beings if it's hungry enough.
They stay prone on the ceiling until you get too close; this will make them fly toward you. They won't give up chase until you or they are dead.

Spider Health: 1, Damage: 1
Larger than your average household variety. Don't let it get the drop on you.
They hang on ceilings until you go under them; they will try to ambush you by falling on your head. Once they're on the ground, they will jump around in a predictable pattern.

Spinner Spider Health: 1, Damage: 1
It hangs from the ceiling on a silky thread.
A new enemy to Spelunky HD. They hang on their webs and go up and down at random heights. They're really not any threat whatsoever. If you cut their thread, they will act as regular spiders.

Giant Spider Health: 10, Damage: 2
A gargantuan spider the size of a car! She traps her prey in sticky webs.
The first "big" enemy in the game looks intimidating, and it is indeed when you let it attack you. The easiest way to kill it is to throw a bomb in its spider web, but if you can't do that, you're in for a rough fight. They jump around nimbly and shoot webs around to impede your movement. They drop 2 random jewels and bomb paste when they die.

Skeleton Health: 1, Damage: 1
A living skeleton straight out of your nightmares.
One of the few stealth monsters of the game. They look like ordinary dried corpses, except they will rise up and walk toward you as you get close to them. After fighting a few of these, you'll remember to whip every bony remains you'll find in your adventure, just to be safe.

Scorpion Health: 2, Damage: 1
A predatory arachnid with a poisonous stinger on its tail.
A new enemy in Spelunky HD. They just shuffle around back and forth on platform until they see you, this will make them jump attack you, dart first. They're a little bit hardier than your typical Mine monster, as you'll have to whip them twice to kill them.

Caveman Health: 3, Damage: 1
One of man's primitive ancestors.
Like scorpions, they just shuffle back and forth on platforms. When they see you, they will angrily run toward you at full speed, not aware of their surroundings. They're the most basic "tough" enemy of the game.

Damsel Health: 3
Bring helpless damsels to the exit and you'll be rewarded with a kiss!
They wait for you to rescue them. After you pick them up, putting them back down will make them run away in panic, ignoring any dangers ahead. Enemies can't harm them by colliding on them, but any of their ranged attacks will hurt them. I especially like using them as weapons. They come in three flavors: damsel, mansel and pug!

Shopkeeper Health: 10, Damage: 4 (shotgun), 1 (throwing)
This ornery merchant will sell anything for the right price. He hates shoplifters!
They start out passive and will just happily man their shops, selling you goods. But, if you shoplift, attack them, destroy their shops or just damage their goods, they will turn hostile and become one of the most dangerous enemies in the game. They are strong, quick, agile and carry mean shotguns. They will shoot you down and will also throw you around senselessly in rage. They also are very sturdy and hard to kill. If you anger a shopkeeper (even unintentionally), all future shopkeepers you meet will want you dead. Additionally, a shopkeeper will guard the exit of every other level in the game. When they die, they drop a few gold nuggets and you can grab their shotgun as well. They are immune to the whip.

Tunnel Man
A cheerful man who makes his living digging tunnels to the deepest parts of the cave.
You will meet him at the end of a world, where he'll ask you for items or money to dig shortcuts that you can use in your adventure. The later shortcuts require items that are harder to acquire in order to build.

Scarab Health: 1
A flying insect made of pure gold that's worshipped in some cultures.
Completely harmless. He's more of a collectible than an enemy; if you pick one, you will gain a large amount of gold. Be careful to not kill them before you can collect them! Only appears in dark levels and the City of Gold.

Tiki Man Health: 3, Damage: 1
Just your average masked cannibal wielding a giant boomerang.
A new enemy in Spelunky HD. They are upgraded cavemen that carry a boomerang they'll throw at you as soon as you're in range. Since you're knocked down when you're hit by a boomerang, this makes it easy for these guys to stunlock you to death as they'll throw the boomerang again and again at you. Make sure their backs are turned before attacking them.

Frog Health: 1, Damage: 1
A large cave frog... or is it a toad? Whatever.
They jump around like spiders, only though they're always active. With that said, they only jump when you're close enough to them.

Fire Frog Health: 1, Damage: 1 (contact), 10 (explosion)
A rare species of frog that's filled with explosive swamp gas.
An upgraded version of the frog. When they're killed, their corpse starts twitching around and explode due to the gas inside them. They take quite some time to explode, so you can use their corpse as a weapon against other enemies or to blow up walls... if you're daring enough.

Giant Frog Health: 8, Damage: 1
This extra-large amphibian carries its children inside of its mouth.
A new enemy in Spelunky HD. They are huge, but this makes them move really slowly. They hop clumsily toward you while spitting frogs at you. They take a lot of hits, but they aren't very menacing or intimidating, unless you're forced to melee them. When they die, they leave behind a green jewel or occasionally, spring shoes. You can't hurt them by jumping on them, unless you have spike shoes.

Mantrap Health: 3, Damage: Instant-kill
Carnivorous plants with a taste for human flesh.
They pace around back and forth on platforms, looking for anything to eat. They will devour and kill instantly any enemy it touches, but they'll also eat you alive as well. In Spelunky Classic, you could stomp them to death with spike shoes, but you can no longer do this in this version, so be careful around them!

Piranha Health: 1, Damage: 1
A group of these can skeletonize a cow in two minutes.
Piranhas are one of the deadliest small enemies in the game. When you're swimming in water, they'll zone in on you really fast to eat you. Being surrounded by a bunch of those is really bad news. You can get rid of them by draining the water in a pool, which will skeletonize them instantly.

Old Bitey Health: 40, Damage: 2
This legendary fish has claimed the lives of many adventurers.
By far the most annoying enemy of the entire game. You can find him in underground lakes, where he'll be accompanied by nothing short of an army of piranhas. He also swims really fast and deals more damage than a regular piranha. He also has more health than any other monster in the game, save from the secret boss. You'll need to be very resourceful to be able to destroy it in combat, as it take at least 4 bombs to kill it or a lot of shotgun shells. When it dies, it'll drop several jewels as well than the Golden Idol.

Killer Bee Health: 1, Damage: 1
A bee with a harpoon-sized stinger. It's very protective of its hive.
A new enemy in Spelunky HD. These flying enemies have a pretty erratic pattern that makes them unpredictable to fight. They can only be found in jungle levels that have a beehive.

Queen Bee Health: 10, Damage: 2
Bee royalty. She might have some delicious royal jelly stuck to her abdomen.
A new enemy in Spelunky HD. There'll always be one of these in every beehive level. It's a bigger bee with a lot of health that deals more damage. They're very hard to kill if you have no bombs or weapons other than your whip, unless you get them stuck in a narrow passage, where you'll be able to slowly whip their life away. When they die, they drop royal jelly, which gives you 4 extra hit points! You can't hurt them by jumping on them, unless you have spike shoes.

Snail Health: 1, Damage: 1
A slimy mollusk that blows acidic spit bubbles when it's agitated.
A new enemy in Spelunky HD. Slow, large and easy to kill. However, they spit acid bubbles that just float up until they hit something, making them dangerous when they're below you. Otherwise, they pose very little threat.

Monkey Health: 1
Its pranks are the leading cause of injury to unwary jungle explorers.
These playful monkeys can't directly damage you, but they will definitely annoy you a lot. They will steal money, ropes and even bombs away from you. Sometimes, they will just knock you around, making you dizzy for a few seconds.

Golden Monkey Health: 1
A friendly but elusive primate that enjoys striking off on an adventure.
A new character in Spelunky HD. This monkey is offered to you by Kali if you sacrifice a golden idol to the altar. It follows you around, pooping valuable jewels around for you to pick up. However, you can't bring it with you to other levels, making him somewhat of a risky deal considering how much more valuable the idol will usually be.

Jiang Shi Health: 1, Damage: 1
This restless zombie attacks humans to absorb their life essence.
These frail zombies just randomly hop around trying to catch to you. They don't bounce often, but their jumps can be unpredictable at times. Otherwise, they're not very menacing.

Green Knight Health: 3, Damage: 1
Who or what is inside this haunted suit of armor?
A new enemy in Spelunky HD. Inside this suit of armor are cavemen that charge at you with an extra layer of protection. You can't whip them or stomp them with regular boots, so in order to break their armor, you must use weapons, throw objects at them or stomp them while wearing spike shoes. After destroying their armor, they become regular cavemen. Appears only in the Haunted Castle.

Black Knight Health: 3, Damage: 1 (contact), Instant-kill (shield crush)
The lord of the castle. He fights with supreme confidence and won't give up until death.
A new enemy in Spelunky HD. He's the miniboss of the Haunted Castle. He behaves like a shopkeeper by running and jumping around at crazy speeds, but instead he wields a giant shield that will block or deflect any upcoming attacks. The shield is also heavy enough to crush objects, enemies and you if they're pushed against a wall. If you stun or kill him, you can take his shield, which is a unique item.

Vampire Health: 6, Damage: 1
An undead bloodsucker with superhuman strength. He can change into a bat.
These undead enemies are tough customers. They either fly toward you like bats at faster speeds or they just erratically jump around, making them tough to hit. Also, they have lots of hit points and are hard to kill without weapons, as they're knocked down every time they're hurt. When they die, they leave their cape behind for you to use.

Ghost Damage: Instant-kill
This frightening apparition haunts the caves. Where did it come from?
This ghost appears after you've spent too much time in a level. He slowly flies through the air and walls to get to you. He cannot be killed and contact with him is lethal. With that said, his ethereal powers makes him turn jewels into diamonds, making them much more valuable. Also, he loves to pose for cameras.

Bacterium Health: 1, Damage: 1
A dangerous single-celled organism that feeds on decaying matter.
A new enemy in Spelunky HD. They roll around walls, following a predictable pattern. They can be hard to dodge due to the narrow passages that comprise the Worm level. Additionally, most weapons won't even damage these at all; you need either the crysknife, bombs or thrown objects. They pop apart when they hit you, meaning they can damage you only once.

Worm Egg Health: 1, Damage: 1
It's filled with worm babies. Gross!
A new enemy in Spelunky HD. They unleash a duo of worm babies when you get too close or if you stomp the egg. They only appear in the Worm.

Worm Baby Health: 1, Damage: 1
It looks small now, but adults can grow to a length of several miles.
A new enemy in Spelunky HD. They act like snakes, but they move slightly faster when you're in their line of sight. They only appear in the Worm.

Yeti Health: 3, Damage: 1
A playful creature that unfortunately doesn't know its own strength.
They act in a pretty friendly matter, that is until they pick you up and throw you away at great distances. Be careful to not end up tossed on a mine or the abyss. They are immune to the whip.

Yeti King Health: 10, Damage: 2 (contact), 1 (avalanche)
The king of the yetis is whichever yeti is the biggest.
This yeti isn't too friendly. He screams loudly, making shards of ice rain down on you, knocking you unconscious. He also hits pretty hard. To make matters worse, there's a lot of yetis that accompany him. When he dies, he drops spike shoes, ropes and the compass. You can't hurt them by jumping on them, unless you have spike shoes.

Mammoth Health: 10, Damage: 2
This furry animal was thought to be extinct. Its breath is like a blizzard!
A new enemy in Spelunky HD. They just pace back and forth slowly, shooting freezing rays every once in a while. If you're frozen, anything that damages you or falling down will instantly kill you. At least they are very predictable. When they die, they drop a blue jewel or occasionally, a freeze ray. You can't hurt them by jumping on them, unless you have spike shoes. They also can't be frozen.

Alien Health: 1, Damage: 1
Invaders from space... what are they doing down here?
You won't encounter them unless you destroy their UFOs, which will make them bail out and parachute to safety. They move rather fast and like to jump around. They can also very rarely appear in pots.

UFO Health: 1, Damage: 1 (contact, laser), 10 (explosion)
A flying saucer powered by mysterious alien technology.
These UFOs float above you, bombarding you with powerful plasma rays that destroy the landscape. When you hit the UFO to destroy it, you'll send it flying around, crashing violently into the landscape, making it explode. Make sure it doesn't fall on you or anywhere else which would be unfortunate.

Alien Tank Health: 1, Damage: 1 (contact), 10 (bomb)
The survival rate of tank drivers is at an all-time low.
A new enemy in Spelunky HD. These patrol the alien mothership, rolling back and forth and lobbing bombs everywhere. They probably would be very threatening if they didn't end up killing themselves all the time with their own bombs. With that said, a group of those will heavily disform the landscape.

Alien Lord Health: 10, Damage: 10 (psychic blast), 1 (contact)
A powerful psychic creature that commands a large spacecraft.
These powerful aliens hide behind forcefields and attack you with homing, psychic blasts that will fry your mind. They can even attack you while offscreen, making them very dangerous. When they die, they leave some jewels behind.

Alien Queen Health: 20, Damage: 10 (psychic zap), 2 (contact)
The mastermind of the alien invasion. She has incredible psychic powers.
A new enemy in Spelunky HD. She's the boss of the alien mothership, waiting for you at the top of the level. She has a ranged psychic attack that makes a targeting reticule appear where you are, projecting a powerful psychic blast where it stands. They attacks come by pretty quickly. She's also trapped between forcefields, making her hard to get to. When she dies, she drops several jewels. You'll also find the powerful Plasma Cannon near her.

Hawk Man Health: 3, Damage: 1
A dangerous leader of the Olmec cult. He's always looking for people to sacrifice.
These are cavemen that are jacks of all trades. They charge at you while jumping around, making their attacks hard to counter. If they get to you, they throw you around like yetis, which is bad due to the abundance of traps in the temple.

Croc Man Health: 1, Damage: 1
This elite temple guard has magical powers that make him very tough to kill.
A new enemy in Spelunky HD. They act similarly to Hawk Men, except their jumps are even more erratic. They don't throw you around, though. However, they are very hard to kill because they teleport away every time you try to attack them. You can only kill them by having them telefrag themselves inside a wall (or lava) or by being lucky with the Scepter.

Magma Man Health: 1, Damage: 1
An elemental of fire that has fashioned a body out of lava.
These monsters emerge occasionally from lava pools. They move around in straight lines, stopping every once in a while to jump around. Contrary to most other enemies in the game, they will damage other monsters just by touching them. They have a very limited lifespan and will sizzle away after a few seconds. They cannot be killed by most attacks in the game; only the Freeze Ray will allow you to kill them prematurely.

Scorpion Fly Health: 2, Damage: 1
It's as dangerous on the ground as it is in the air.
A new enemy in Spelunky HD. They are large scorpions that slowly fly in the air. Once you damage them, they lose their wings and fall on the ground, acting like regular scorpions. Except they're much quicker.

Mummy Health: 10, Damage: 2
Cursed tomb lords with a very old grudge to bear.
They can usually be found guarding these large hallways in the temple. They're slow, but very powerful. They vomit out deadly fly swarms at you when you get too close, which will knock you (or enemies) around and cause a lot of damage. Their vomit can be used to fill up the Kapala, if you ever get in a position to do that. When they die, they drop two large red jewels. You can't hurt them by jumping on them, unless you have spike shoes.

Anubis Health: 20, Damage: 10 (psychic blast), 1 (contact)
A jackal-headed god who rules over the world of the dead.
A new enemy in Spelunky HD. He always appears in Level 4-1, flying toward you and projecting slow, homing psychic blasts toward you which are lethal. Fighting Anubis without bombs or ranged weapons is almost impossible due to the frequency of his attacks and his high health. The easiest way to kill him is with 2 sticky bombs. When he dies, he drops the scepter.

Anubis II Health: 20, Damage: 1
The second incarnation of Anubis. He'll do anything to protect the treasures of the underworld.
A new enemy in Spelunky HD. He appears in the City of Gold when you steal the Book of the Dead. He'll slowly fly toward you, and through walls, spawning a never ending army of skeletons to fight you. You'll most likely have to kill him, as he'll spawn in any future level you enter until you defeat him.

Olmec Damage: Instant-kill (crush)
Legend has it that Olmec's Curse keeps people trapped in the caves.
The final boss of the game! If you played Super Mario Bros 3, he acts just like Bowser in that game; he jumps around in his lair, trying to crush you with his weight. But by doing so, he'll also destroy the ground in his lair. You must destroy the ground under him to make him fall in a pool of lava. To make the fight more complicated, he'll spawn lesser minions throughout all the fight, ranging from snakes, frogs, spiders, monkeys, snails, bees and sometimes scorpion flies.

Vlad Health: 10, Damage: 1
The dark prince of vampires. His tower stands guard at the entrance of Hell.
A new enemy in Spelunky HD. He appears in the first level of Hell and you can always find him at the top of his tower. He's like a regular vampire, but with more health. When he dies, he drops his special cape which you can use. You can also bomb a piece of ground near his place to find his special amulet as well.

Imp Health: 1, Damage: 1
A lowly servant of the underworld. Its job is to refill the lava pits.
A new enemy in Spelunky HD. They fly back and forth in a straight line, carrying a bucket of lava. When they fly above you, they drop it on you, and if it falls from high enough, it shatters and unleashes a Magma Man. Once they dropped their bucket, they fly toward you, just like bats.

Devil Health: 3, Damage: 1
Blue devils that escort lost souls to King Yama's courtroom.
A new enemy in Spelunky HD. They pace back and forth until they see you. They charge toward you at such speed and force they can destroy blocks and knock you dizzy. Also, they use the horns on their head to knock off whoever tries to stomp them, so you'll have to use weapons or thrown objects to kill them.

Succubus Health: 1, Damage: 1
A mistress of Vlad. She seduces men and women alike in the service of her master.
A new enemy in Spelunky HD. They disguise as damsels (or mansels or pugs) and will rush on the attack as soon as you get near them, revealing their true form. They get on your back and suck your life away.

Ox Face Health: 10, Damage: 2 (contact), 1 (thrown bomb), 10 (bomb explosion)
King Yama's left-hand man. He has the face of an ox.
A new enemy in Spelunky HD. One of King Yama's elite servants. He jumps around the battlefield and lobs bombs at you. His weapon is just for show. Killing him will give you a bomb box which is worth 12 bombs.

Horse Head Health: 10, Damage: 2 (contact), 1 (thrown bomb), 10 (bomb explosion)
King Yama's right-hand man. He has the head of a horse.
A new enemy in Spelunky HD. One of King Yama's elite servants. He behaves exactly like Ox Face.

King Yama Health: 10 (hand), 20 (first form), 30 (second form) Damage: 2 (contact), 1 (falling skull)
The ruler of Hell! He punishes the damned from atop a bloody throne.
Spelunky's special final boss! He sits on his throne and makes the ground shake by pounding the throne with his mighty fists, knocking down debris on your face to knock you down. He can also spawn Magma Men with his fists if you're too close. He can also spit Imps that will attempt to fight you. If you destroy both of his hands or deal enough damage to his head, his head will be lit on fire and start flying around. He can generate Magma Men while on this phase and continue to create more earthquakes to drop skulls down at you. Your best weapon against him are Sticky Bombs. Once you kill his flaming head, you win the fight and finish the game with the special ending.

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