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Original Thread: Spider-Man 2: The Movie: The Game: The Let's Play!



So with Spider-Man being this massive smash hit of a movie, and the sequel destined to be just as Ginormous, you would figure that the tie-in video game would be a simple cash grab like the original Spider Man video game was.
Oh but Activision had a cunning idea.
“What if...” they said. “We made the videogame...not suck?”
And as it turns out, they did just that. They gave Spider-Man every Cool Trick he performed in the two movies, made the first nearly accurate representation of New York City as the setting, and then let players go nuts.
And indeed, you can. From nearly the beginning of the game, you can completely ignore the plot and just swing through the city, trying to find as many landmarks as you can. Indeed the game rewards you for doing so, as there are Hint Markers all over the city, as well as Secret tokens you can pick up for extra Hero Points.

We'll be playing the Gamecube version for two reasons: A) It's what version I have B) It turns out that this is one of the few games to take full advantage over the surprising horsepower the GCN had, which actually makes this the superior version to its PS2 port.

Since this game does have a habit of letting you distract yourself from getting on with the plot, we won't be showing much of the swinging around. I'll try and show off every type of Citizen Mission and Random Mission you'll stumble across, but sizeable portions of the chapter are about “Gather enough hero points to buy the unlockables you'll need for the next chapter” So most of that will be done off camera. That doesn't mean I won't show some of it off, as it's just as fun to do now as it was 6 years ago.

So enough talk, let's get to web-slingin!

Table of Contents
Part 1: Bruce Campbell is a Dick!

Part 2: More Monologues than a Super-Villain

Part 3: "I Swear To God, It's Not The Clone Saga!

Part 4: "A Tour Of The City: Spidey-Style"

Part 5: "Spider-Man 2: Revenge Of The Arcade! Starring Quentin Beck!"

Part 6: Boobies!

Part 7! "Meet Mysterio(booyaka, booyaka)!"

Part 8: Terrible Voice Acting 101

Part 9: Parker complaining? How Shocking!

Episode 10: Won't Anyone Shut Up?

Episode 11: Spider-man vs. Doctor Octopus!
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