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Spider-Man: Amazing Allies

by GamesAreSupernice

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Original Thread: Low budget wall crawling - Let's Play Spider-Man: Amazing Allies [VLP]



Let's Play Spider-Man: Amazing Allies

Amazing Allies, in spite of carrying the "Web of Shadows" subtitle, is in no way related to Web of Shadows. The name is just a cynical attempt to trick a few people. That being said, the game itself isn't bad at all. If you can take it as its own game, you'll be pleasantly surprised. It's a 2d-beat 'em up with a heavy focus on collectible power-ups that alter Spidey's abilities in various fashions. You can also change freely between the red and black suit, as well as gain individual "reputation" for both that allows you to upgrade their respective abilities. It's pretty decent.

The downsides in regards to the gameplay are relatively few: the enemies have an oddly large amount of invincibility frames, and there's the occasional glitch during combat. But, unfortunately, the presentation does not share in the game's simplistic-but-satisfying glory. It is simplistic, mind you, but perhaps a bit... too much. It is painfully obvious the game was made on a shoestring budget, and they tried their best to make a worthwhile title in spite of that, but a lack of traditional cutscenes and actual ending hurt a lot. Also the game's graphics can look kind of ugly.

Yeah. We're playing the PSP version because the game was clearly designed around it, and it's a lot easier to see the game's positives that way. I will be upgrading the Black and Red suit as evenly as I can, and using the power-ups liberally.

Note: After video ten, I switch to the PS2 version due to technical issues.


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