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Spider-Man: Edge of Time

by GamesAreSupernice

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Original Thread: Shockin' unbelievable. - Let's Play Spider-Man: Edge of Time [VLP]



Let's Play Spider-Man: Edge of Time

You probably know who Spider-Man is. Smartass kid, works for a corrupt journalist, learned about responsibility the hard way. At least, until some generic power hungry nutjob decided it was a great idea to travel back in time, re-branding New York and the entire world to his own liking. Including the Statue of Liberty. He's downright evil. Now Spidey works for the nutjob himself, but can't even stop the terrifying technological tyrant. Why? Well, he's dead.

What kind of LP is this?

Video LP, post commentary, reasonably close to 100%. I'll show off all the challenges, as well. Also this is the Wii version, because I said so.

Why should I care?

Edge of Time is pretty interesting, as far as action games go. There's a consistent flow of new dialogue, challenges, and scenery. Just like every game, right? Well, yes, but the way it all mixes together is so cohesive and engaging that it's hard to put the game down. Beenox really wanted to keep the player constantly entertained, and as a result, things can actually get a bit thrilling. The way the story and gameplay directly weave into each other is nothing to scoff at, either. It feels like a really big, loud adventure.

I heard this game was bad.

A lot of critics and fans alike were disappointed that, while the game shares many mechanics with Shattered Dimensions, it's not Shattered Dimensions. Edge of Time is its own creation, having a greater focus on narrative and challenges than its predecessor. I won't claim it's superior, but despite the loss of two Spidermen and many other Marvel universe characters, it feels far more character driven and cohesive.

So come with me, and let's save the future. Just don't spoil anything.


Episode List
1. Sloan
2. Parker
3. Immediacy
4. Detention
5. Erratic
6. Resurrection
7. Monster
8. Affliction
9. Never

vs. The Kingpin
Amazing Allies
Shattered Dimensions

Act One Challenges
Act Two Challenges
Act Three Challenges and Gallery

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