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Original Thread: Changing the Oil in Our Spirit Engine: Let's Play The Spirit Engine 2



What is this game?
The Spirt Engine 2 is a spiritual sequel to The Spirit Engine. It's an indie RPG developed by two people, Mark Pay, who did all of the programming, writing, and art, and Josh Whelchel, who did all of the music. However, it doesn't carry over any story from the first game, and is much better than it, so one can start with this entry and not be lost. I'm coming into this blind, so I'll let Nweismuller describe it instead:

"This is the Spirit Engine 2, which is a game I have deeply loved for quite some time now. It has simple but charming art, excellent music, innovative gameplay in its combat system, and a well written story that Mark Pay (the person who's responsible for basically all of this game) obviously deeply cared about. Combined with some clever storytelling tricks that actually allow this story to work with a variable that you choose in the beginning of the game."

Speaking of Nweismuller, he will be joining me as a cohost in these videos. The plan is to have him join me on all the videos for the simple reason that this is a completely blind playthrough for me, and nweis has played it many times. This will keep me from getting lost, missing things, doing too many stupid things, and especially in the beginning, getting used to the controls and combat system.

What is the release schedule going to be?
My plan will be to release episodes twice a week, Wednesdays and Fridays. This game is just taking over my Cthulhu Saves Christmas release slot.

Why are you stalling with the Super Robot Wars 2 LP?
I'm not stalling. I promise. Episode 8 (sequential) is going to be released tomorrow. I just need to finish start editing it after posting this.

Got a support link?
I do in fact. You can donate, but referrals are the best way to support me.

Where can I buy the game?
The game is now freeware (it used to be shareware). You can download it from Mark's homepage.
You can also buy the soundtrack.

Any form of thread participation?
Yes. If this game interests you, please, play along with a different party, I'd love it if you pointed out some of the differences in dialogue that happen with different parties.

Spoiler Policy?
Please no spoilers. I'm coming in completely blind, and I would like to not be spoiled.

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