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Splinter Cell: Conviction

by Brassherald

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Original Thread: Looking for me, Asshole? Let's Play Splinter Cell: Conviction [VLP]


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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction is the fifth game in the Splinter Cell franchise. It was first released on April 13, 2010 for the XBox 360, and the next week released for the PC. The goal of the development company was to make a game with a James bond/Jason Bourne feel to it, where stealth was not about crawling along slowly, I think they succeeded in making it fun. While the game is short, it only has one weak level, and has a pretty good story, that many likened to an episode of 24. I can't say that it is like that, as I never watched 24. It was well received but has some major changes from the previous releases, so, I'll cover them here before we get to the videos.

Changes After Double Agent

The first change I'll bring to your attention is something they removed, the scoring system. If you played any of the Splinter Cell games before this, you'll remember the scoring screens, taking all your actions into account. Well, they did away with that. I feel it's a double edged sword, on one hand, some challenge is definitely gone, but, there's no BS like getting points removed for killing your assassination target. The game does not feel like its missing anything because it isn't there, but don't come into this expecting a score after every mission.

Second, addition of mark and execute, it will be in the video, of course, but the main point is, you melee kill or get a human shield, get a number of marks based on the gun you are holding and any upgrades you may have, and then just hit the Y button on the gamepad to execute them each in quick succession.

Third, there are no tranquilizers and just one point where you knock people out. Sam Fisher is a cold blooded killer in this one. He don't take shit from anyone.

Fourth, interrogations, you grab people, beat them up, question them, and get some cool animations near certain objects.

Finally, the last known position is a "ghost" of where the enemies believe Sam is close to, they will hound that position, allowing you to flank them, if you get caught. We will see this quite a few times, I'm sure, because I enjoy making them run around.

The first video is live commentary, but I do not love it, so, the rest will all be post commentary to prevent my cursing when things all go my way, and to make editing easier on myself.

ATTENTION As of bonus episode 1 on, the videos will be on Blip and Youtube rather than Blip and Dailymotion. This is mostly for my convenience of the unlimited time for youtube videos since there are a few 30 minute+ levels coming up and the editing for 2 part videos is just annoying on my part, and probably no fun for you guys either.

With that, Let's Play Splinter Cell: Conviction


Level 1: Market Street Youtube Dailymotion
Level 2: Kobin's Mansion Youtube Dailymotion
Level 3: I remember you, in the Airfield Youtube  
Level 4: Rainbow 6 IraqYoutube 
Level 5: Carnivals are fun! Youtube  
Level 6: Whitebox: Revenge of the Plot Youtube  
Level 7: Sightseeing in DC Youtube  
Level 8: Welcome Home Youtube  
Level 9: Sewer Level: Save the Scientist, Save the World Youtube  
Level 10: Street Life Youtube  
Finale: White House, or Reed May Be the Villain Youtube  

CoOp w/Orv

Story Part 1Youtube
CoOp Level 1-2: Learn 2 ReadYoutube
CoOp Level 2: What do you mean it isn't Voltron?Youtube
CoOp Level 3: Youtube (Part 1, Part 2)
Coop Story Level 4: Friendship OVER!Youtube
CoOp Bloopers!Youtube


Alternate Ending

Deniable Ops, Kestrel visits New Orleans Youtube Blip

Freddie W's Lightbulb AssassinThanks to Kinfolk910 for posting.

Penny Arcade Comic Thanks to Kinfolk910 again.

Bonus Video 2: Lenny was a Friend of Mine Original Story This one was all me finding and reading.

Post containing pictures I found while eating lunch

CAD comic provided by Kinfolk910, I guess it's funny for a Buckley creation. Also, surprising lack of B^U

Major Character List

Sam Fisher
Our Protagonist, former member of Third Echelon. Left since the events that ended Double Agent. Has come out of hiding hearing there may be information about his daughter out there. Don't fuck with his daughter, or even mention her in passing. He is terrifying and lives.

Victor Coste
He's narrating, seems as if he is being interrogated. Works at Paladin Security now, a friend of Sam's. Sam considers him a brother and saves him.

Formerly worked with Sam in Third Echelon. Contacted him in Malta to save him. Got him captured to bring to the airfield, where she released him and claimed to have Sarah, never really did, just knew she was alive and used that as leverage. Also claims to be working undercover for the President. Was scheming against Tom Reed, and helps Sam in the end, she lives to see another mission.

Sarah Fisher
Sam's daughter, he was close to her, was killed by Andriy Kobin, seems as if he was not drunk. SHE'S ALIVE!!!!

Irving Lambert
Former head of Third Echelon, and Sam's best friend. Sam had to kill him as part of his mission at the end of Double Agent, it was Sam's last act as a government agent. Betrayed and lied to Sam in order to protect Sam and the country over the course of Double Agent and try to find a mole in Third Echelon.

Andriy Kobin
An erratic drug dealer, according to the narrator, everything dirty in Malta goes through Kobin's mansion. Kobin was the driver that provided a body to fill in for Sarah, but it seems he wasn't drunk, but working for Third Echelon and still is. Still alive.

Tom Reed
Current head of Third Echelon. Is working with Black Arrow towards some plan. Has political backing strong enough to block out the president. Seems to have some scheme with Galliard and Megdido. involving the EMPs and the Vice President, we'll see him in the Oval Office. Killed by either Sam or Grim.

Lucius Galliard
Former owner of Black Arrow and Whitebox. Had some plan with Tom Reed and EMPs that he claims can't be stopped. Has his own bodybag.

Major Shawn Robertson
Was collecting data from the Whitebox facility so only he could see the whole picture. Sam killed him by activating an EMP.

Colonel Jeremy Prentiss
Captured a scientist, high ranking member of Black Arrow. Died in a disappointing helicopter sequence.
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