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Part 20: Bonus 7. How to Make Men Do What You Want

Bonus 7. How to Make Men Do What You Want

After Brett and Erica left, Thailand and Elliot came over!

But I didn't say or ask any-

What the fucks?!

Whoa indeed. Elliot wandered off, like a robot! It was the weirdest thing!

You HAVE to teach me how to do that.

She handed me a lighter. This was so awesome!

Start out by waving it in front of his face.
What's going on, you two?
What do you mean, nothing?

I waved the lighter in front of his face. It must be working because he didn't even question that!

Welcome to another one of Sprung's thinly veiled attempts to make you identify the character's emotional state. I guess they needed the top screen for something.

Okay, seriously, what are you guys talking about?

Are you sure?

Okay, I'll take your word for it.

It didn't seem to be working.

Well, let's see.

I guess it was after all!

If I fooled around here, Leanne would probably just chide me and I'd have to repeat the process all over again.

I just love getting to relax on vacation.

Now how to work it into conversation...

I know what you mean- I'm so uptight that sometimes I need to just relax my standards.

And for the last one...

And that's all I intend to do this trip- just kick back and relax.

I think I had him!

So I clapped in his face-


I had to use something short so his mind could process it. Thailand didn't have to tell me that, of course... she probably would have if I fucked it up here.

What should I tell him to do?

Screw presents. I'm sure it was something crazy. It's his fucking wallet. Same as Brett's wallet, according to the museum.

Elliot, lick my boots!

I slowly waved the lighter in front of him.

Sprung tries to trick you here. It looks like you have to start doing the "match the emotion game" because all of the dialogue options which are the same. You have to Use Item > Lighter.

What's that for?

Phew. I thought you guys were serious for a second.

Because I don't want you guys making me do a bunch of stupid stuff.

What a relief. Hey, I bet I could hypnotize you if I tried...
Probably. I'm really tired from all the effort.

My uncle did something like that, but now he's reTIRED.

That would have been clever if it weren't for the capitalization Sprung used to basically call me an idiot.

Oh yeah? That's pretty cool, but back on me for a second.

No... I had to go with...

You never get tired of talking about yourself do you? (sic)


I snapped in his face.


I decided to make him say his name was stupid. And pay for everything.

And also cluck like a chicken.

This was SO COOL!

And that was that!

And now for the alternative waitress path. There might be a delay as we see how long it takes me to play through the first few stages.