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Sprung Flash Game

by Wolfshirt

Part 1

 Worse art, worse writing and...better gameplay? With the success of the Sprung LP I figured it might be of interest to play through the short promotional flash game that Ubisoft had circulating the web a while back (2004). It's next to impossible to find information on, hell the full game is hard enough to find, luckily I snagged the flv. file way back when and had it tucked away in my hard drive.

It's actually pretty cool, you type stuff in and the AI tries to handle it, like one of those website know those artificial intelligence things you type into and they fail at English...anyway let's get to it.  

Hey guys, Josh signing in.

I'm not going to sugar coat it, I'm a slacker, a stoner and a flat out mess with the lady types. Well my friend Brett said you guys turned him into a total lady (and sometimes guy) killer so I figured you could do the same with me.

You guys still on board? Coo'

I got this freaking hot date, problem is she's a bit of a prude (a date in the park are you eff'n me?). But you guys can totally do me a solid and help me choose what to say to this girl to get into her pants.

See I'm even more hopeless than my hommie Brett. He at least had some ideas already that he just needed help choosing from. Me? I got nothing, that's where this handy dandy camera phone comes in.

Just IM me something to say man!

 In game: use the text parser. You guys, just post 

Oh damn she's here, I'll keep you guys posted.

I said isn't this romantic.
Oh yeah totally sure.

Oh no guys, she's looking at me as if she wants me to say something...


What? Is that good, is she happy? She's looking at me again guys. HELP A BRUTHA!