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Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage

by Flare Elevar

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Original Thread: Objective 1: Obtain loot. Let's Play the Spyro the Dragon trilogy!



A year or two after the first Spyro the Dragon, fans were delighted to hear that a sequel had been stamped onto a digital enjoyment circle, and was ready to plop in their Playstations for several more hours of loot-obtaining glee.

The major complaint Insomniac seemed to have with the first game is that besides the occasional freed dragon and a prismatic glowing dragonfly, Spyro was alone. The solution? More NPCs with voice acting than you can shake a bag-o-swag at! And to go right along with that, we have
The Spyro 2 Introduction, also called Gateway to Glimmer.

Honestly, the game does an excellent job this time around of explaining everything, so the manual can rest nice and cozy inside the CD case on the shelf right beside my TV.

So with that all covered, let's talk a little more about what I'm going to be doing. If you're familiar with my Spyro the Dragon LP (and you damn well should be if you're reading this, viewer minions!), you'll be pretty used to my playstyle. You may still expect an average of 2 updates per week, though what days are updates will change. A lot of levels in Spyro 2 take much, much longer to complete, and in the case that a video is over 20 minutes long, it will be split into two seperate videos, to be uploaded at the same time. Every update will contain at least one level.

Oh, but there's some backtracking roaming around, isn't there? Why yes, there is. I will NOT be able to complete every level the first time I go in it! GASP AND SHOCK! So whatever shall I do? Do not fear, for I have a cunning plan. For the duration of a world, I will not engage in any backtracking until I am able to complete every level in the world. When that happens, at some point in the future, you may expect an "Item Collection" video with liberal use of Warp Speed (TM). This video will attempt to wrap up the remainder of the entire world in question in a single update.

But enough of the ranting and raving, on with the show! Onward, I say! I have much loot to obtain, and little time to do it in!

Table of Contents

- Glimmer
Summer Forest Part 1
- Colossus
Summer Forest Part 2
- Idol Springs
- Hurricos
- Aquaria Towers
- Sunny Beach
- Ocean Speedway & Crush's Dungeon

Autumn Plains
- Skelos Badlands
- Crystal Glaicer
- Zephyr
- Breeze Harbor
- Fracture Hills
- Item Collection 1
- Magma Cone
- Scorch
- Shady Oasis
- Metro & Icy Speedway
- Gulp's Overlook

Winter Tundra
- Mystic Marsh
- Cloud Temples
- Robotica Farms
- Metropolis
- Canyon Speedway
- Item Collection 2
- Ripto's Arena [Informative]
- Ripto's Arena [Dramatic]
- A Well-deserved Vacation


"Jam Session" with Icy Flight (Tindeck Link)

Proof from Blinn that not all bagpipes are evil.

Enjoy this fine fanart from Melaneus who wonders what an alternate universe might look like!

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