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Spyro: A Hero's Tail

by Just A Friend

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Original Thread: JAF's BACK. Let's Play: Spyro: A Hero's Tail



"Spyro: A Hero's Tail" is the fifth main entry in the "Spyro The Dragon" 3D platformer franchise. The last one before a reboot. The game is developed by Eurocom Entertainment Software and published by Vivendi.

The game was released in November, 2004 for the PS2, XBox and GCN. I'll be playing the GCN version. Simply because it's easier to emulate.

Spyro 5 brings back some mechanics from the original trilogy, including some mini games and playing as different characters. Such as Hunter and Sgt. Byrd! As for the story, well, it seems barely connected. And new characters pop out of nowhere. But old ones do return!

Is it worse than Spyro 4? Let's find out together!

This time I'll be tackling this beast solo. Time zones and schedules make it hard to it with Pods, as we did before. Pods does show up for the Finale and few Bonus reacts.

Things will be a little different with this one. Not as much an LP & Break. More like an LP & Stream. I have never played Spyro 5 before, but I've always been curious. So I'm playing this game on stream, live, for the first time. Quite different from my usual post-stuff.

That being said, the series quickly evolves into more of an LP & Break thing as I find out about tricks while playing. The first few episodes aren't edited much but that changes too.

What about the previous Spyro games?
Let's Play & Break "Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage".
Let's Play & Break "Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon".
Let's Play & Break "Spyro 4: Enter the Dragonfly".

For the original, check out Flare Elevar's Spyro the Dragon LP.

"Let's Play & Stream"?
Yes! You can join me live on stream if you want, at No real strict schedule yet. But I'll always cut down and post to YouTube afterwards.

Any place to support you?
Yes, again! I have a newly created patreon at There's ways on Twitch and YouTube too, normally.

Finally, you can join my discord if you wish!

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