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Original Thread: "Yo Matryoshka So Fat" Jokes ITT - Let's Play Stacking [VLP]



Stacking is a third-person adventure/puzzle game developed by Double Fine Studios. The game was released in February 2011 on XBLA and PSN, and was developed as part of an "Amnesia Fortnight" during the development of Double Fine's Brutal Legend.

Said "Amnesia Fortnight" occurred during a period of time when it was unclear if Brutal Legend would even be published. Tim Schafer split the company into four teams and had them work on proof-of-concept games. Stacking was one such game.

The game tells the somewhat Dickensian story of young Charlie Blackmore, whose family are suddenly abducted and enslaved by an evil baron. Charlie, being the smallest member of the stack, is deemed too tiny to be of use, and is left behind.

This will prove to be the evil baron's first mistake.

My goal here is to show off as much of this delightful game as possible. I will show off every unique doll (and as many of the non-unique ones as possible), as well as every challenge solution and hi-jink available.

I'll go through the main adventure first, and then if there's time and interest I'll also show off the DLC, The Lost Hobo King Adventure.

Please Avoid spoilers for locations we haven't seen in the video, but otherwise any topic of discussion is okay with me.

Audio dramatically improves after video 1 - sincere apologies!

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