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Part 12

We head to Zeta Persei, the homeworld of the Druuge. Sorry I didn't get a screenshot of it, but it's on the lower right corner of the map.

Introduction of the Druuge

Druuge: Attention alien starship. You have arrived at the Central Trade World of the Crimson Corporation, Home of the Druuge. Be welcome and take advantage of our excellent deals. Our sensors reveal that you have one of our more powerful Hyperwave 'Casters on board your ship. Have no fear, Captain, it was abandoned on the Burvixese moon, and by our law it belongs to you; however, we are fond of the device and wish to regain it through trade. Give us the 'Caster, and we will give you all the fuel your ship can hold.

We note that you possess a Vortex Spawner. In exchange for the simple device we will give you three Mauler starships and fill your fuel tanks, at no extra charge.

Captain: What can you tell us about this trade world?

D: This is the heart of our operation, the vital core of the Crimson Corporation. A million deals are made here each day, perhaps more. You would be wise to take advantage of all our services, Captain. You will not find better deals anywhere.

C: I would like to make a purchase.

D: Since this is your first time trading with us, Captain, allow me to explain our standard operating procedures. We will sell you fuel, ancient artifacts, even our own Mauler starships! All that we ask in return is that you assign some of your crew to serving here at our trade world...on a permanent basis.

C: Gee, isn't that kind of like...slave trading?

D: No, no, no, Captain! Slaves have no choice in their destiny, no freedom. We would never accept the permanent assignment of one of your people unless we knew that they had granted you the rights to make such a deal.

C: Well, what would my crew members do here?

D: People as skilled as your flagship's crew will receive immediate posts in our Starfleet. They will serve alongside our own Druuge starship personnel, sharing every duty.

C: I am ready to make purchases.

D: Excellent! Let us begin. Our inventory presently includes:

The Rosy Sphere! An ancient Precursor artifact of unrivaled beauty and mystery. Yours for the bargain of only 100 crew.

The Trident of Wimbli! Not just one, but fully THREE mystic prongs give this artifact its awesome capabilities. Are you strong enough to master its power? Or will it master you? Cost? 100 crew.

The Glowing Rod! What unearthly power will you gain when you hold this coruscating staff high above your head and scream, "Kyeee! Lykeee-Lieee!" And it can be your for only 100 crew.

As always, we also have an unlimited supply of exceptionally high-performance starship fuel at a cost of 10 crew for 10 units of fuel, as well as a freshly assembled Mauler starship, which we will trade for 100 of your crew.

C: I wish to acquire the Rosy Sphere.

D: I stride to the Sphere's containment vessel and pull it slowly from its ancient cradle. The dust of centuries has made a gentle weld...there! It has come free. Now, into your hands I place the ancient sphere. Do you feel that, Captain? Has the warmth already penetrated the skin of your hands into your soul? Well, it soon shall, Captain. Just keep trying.

The Mauler is an interesting ship. Its primary weapon is a huge cannon that shoots a nice range and does a whopping 6 damage. Also, it causes a hell of a recoil, making your ship accelerate fairly well in the opposite direction if you want it to.

The downside? Ridiculously shitty recharge rate. But wait! Its secondary allows you to sacrifice one crew member (with a satisfying scream) to gain a good chunk of energy. Its very much a sniper type of ship, but it's slow, so most fast ships can utterly ruin it, and heavier ships just have the power output without the drawback.