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Part 37: Unedited Footage

Chapter 35: Unedited Footage


our update contains something never before seen in this LP.

Hint: it's not Narl being competent, because that would entail playing a game that features a character named Narl that isn't Star Ocean 2.

Neither is it Narl being an asshole, he's done that pretty much every time we talked to him thus far.

Shut up Geese, you're equipped with shit you're not even supposed to have yet.


Well, it's time for the big thing:

"Ever since I got possessed by Gyoro and Ururun, I've had this strange urge to have sex in a dragon costume."



Why did I keep this when, throughout the rest of this entire LP, I edited pretty much all of this out? The answer actually comes in two parts:

1) Until now, I always assumed that this scene happened between Claude and Rena. This playthrough, however, I learned that it happens between whomever your main character is closest to romantically.

2) Vados should be precluded because of his hard-set Relationship Point value with the little girl we saved so long ago.

Blew my mind, it did.

Narl gives us this shiny thing.

The crest of what

This... seems kind of counterproductive if you mean to take over the universe, but whatever you say, game. Whatever. You fuckin'. Say.

Suddenly, Mirage shows up.

Oh by the way yes that's Mirage, the bearded woman who was introduced last update.

So basically the plan is to use this thing we just got from Narl to... uh...

... uh--

--bye Narl

So here we are again.

And they just roll out the red carpet for us.

Oh, Star Ocean 2.

If you're underleveled, fighting three bosses with six-digit HP totals at once is pretty intimidating.

This battle has surprisingly catchy music. (for about twenty seconds).

In our case, it's kind of... well, you can see.


we can do math

So, Fienal.

Bunch of branching paths, all but one of which of each branch leads to crappy equipment that, if you don't have by now, you probably had way too much trouble with the boss we just fought.

It also has some pretty annoying music.

So this place's gimmick is that it's a tower that you kinda randomly wander through, stepping on elevator-teleporters and hoping you're headed in the right direction.

We make our way up to the fifth floor and...


Billy can be pretty sometimes.

Vesper and Decus are memorable in that they have their own voice acting. Let me suggest just watching the first few seconds of that, everything about that specific video is pretty crappy.

vroom vroom

Surprise, surprise, we kill them.

Just past them is an elevator to the sixth floor.

There are no encounters here, just a switch puzzle. I'm glad Enix had some sense and actually specifically made a puzzle section with no encounters, but I'm not so glad that this concept never caught on and Enix themselves actually discarded it after this game.

Anyway, seventh floor. This is the Nightmare Room. Long walk to the save point, ridiculous encounter rate, and the game almost always crashes after a battle on account of the save point sprite glitch mentioned earlier in this LP.

Fortunately, if you manage to make it to the save point, you're a couple rooms away from Cyril.

"mine. That bug-filled defective fool does not even deserve to be an enemy of mine."

So basically LAST MINUTE PLOT TWIST! This guy has been pulling the strings the entire time making you kill the other eight Wise Men. He is the PUPPET MASTER

He is also pretty

Cyril also has his own voice acting. Sadly, it's that same shitty player from the other video, but honestly he's the only guy who doesn't overdub with retarded death metal, or show menus and shit to showcase how he leveled everyone to 255 before he even got to the bonus dungeon, and just jumps straight into the battle with unaltered audio.

Rockin' music, but sadly this is apparently reused in like every other Enix game ever, including not-Star-Ocean games, which basically invalidates its status as a Good Original Theme.

Cyril is immune to Star damage, so all those little extra hits are doing 0 to him, sadly just inflating this silly fight.

He also has a little trick up his sleeve when he charges up Wind of Destruction.

He becomes immune to damage, so he's guaranteed to cast it if he tries.


And actually, in my experience, the Algol counters Wind of Destruction with a 100% rate autokill. No idea how that works because you don't even block it, but there you go.

Awright, here we are. Fuckin' ninth floor, this has got to be the top of the tower because it doesn't look like they can fit double digits on that ball over there.

Shit is so exciting

All right, final teleporter. I bet I come out right outside of the fuckin' final boss door.

... what

So to progress here, you actually have to work against all logic, get to the top floor, and then go DOWN a floor in order to get to the room before the final boss.

Fortunately, here we are.

You run through like three identical staircases, which is kinda silly.

"Aw shit the FMV's over, I better get to my spot."

Yes Billy you are Sailor Motherfuckin' Moon.

Blah, blah, blah


I'm such a good dude that I'm not even gonna leave you hangin'.

Indalecio is also a talkie.

So, time to Learn Something.

If you run in to attack him, Limiter-On Indalecio usually opens with Divine Wave, which is basically a hitbox wall that pushes you outwards and you normally either take a lot of damage from it, or block a lot and still get pushed a good distance away.

If you look over on the right, you'll see Chisato blocking. This triggers the Algol shield's instant-kill counterattack, which kills Indalecio before I even get to hit him once.