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Star Trek: 25th Anniversary

by Rocket Baby Dolls

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Original Thread: What am I? A doctor or someone playing Star Trek: 25th Anniversary?



What's this all about?

Star Trek: 25th Anniversary is an adventure that was released in 1992. It remains pretty faithful to the TV series in style and most of the main cast reprise their roles and voice the characters in the game too. The game puts you in charge of Kirk on the Enterprise (NC-1701,) as well as during away missions in various locations. On the Enterprise, you take command on the bridge and are in control of a variety of functions including tactical combat, communication and navigation. The away missions are a point and click adventure and there away multiple ways to progress through each one.

This, and Judgement Rites (Which I hope to LP after this,) are two of my all-time favourite adventure games from my youth. I'm going to be having a lot of fun with this LP.

LP details

The missions in this game are split into seven different episodes. At the end of each mission, you are given a rating by Starfleet Command of how well you performed. The main playthrough of this LP will be for the highest rating possible for each episode. I will show off some alternative scenarios and dialogue in bonus videos.

The volume in this game has been an issue for. It's either on or off. Also, the volume of the sound effects and music fluctuate wildly at times. I have tried to mute the game volume during several instances of gameplay for commentary but it didn't feel natural. I think that I have struck an okay balance for keeping the game sounds on during commentary but if it needs tweaking, please let me know.

If you want to discuss or suggest anything that could be considered spoilers, please use the appropriate tags.

I'm going to aim for at least two updates a week. It really depends on my work schedule.

Let's Play Star Trek: 25th Anniversary

Bonus Videos
Part 1 - Alternate Scenes
Demon World: Defeated by the USS Republic, Off course, Conversations with Prelate Angiven, Trigger Happy, Conversations with the Nauian.
Hijacked: Off Course, Conversations with Elasi Cereth, Trigger Happy, A permanent solution to the guards, Disarming the bomb, Not disarming the bomb, Storming the bridge, The other solution.
Love's Labor Jeopardized: Creating laughing gas, Chemical warfare, Conversations with Preax.
Computer Entries: Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scott, Uhura, Sulu, Chekov (kinda), Tribbles, Pike, Tholians, Tholian Web, USS Defiant and Constitution Class.
Part 2 - Laughing Gas Spock and McCoy decide to let off some steam during a stressful mission.
Part 3 - Alternative resolution to The Feathered Serpent
Part 4a - The Feathered Serpent alternate scenes
Conversations with Taraz, Missed away team conversations, Conversations with Quetzecoatl part one, An alternative solution to Tlaoxac, Conversations with Admiral Kenka, Violent protest, Conversations with Vlict, The crew refusing to follow orders again, Escape to the Enterprise, Conversations with Vlict part two.
Part 4b - The Feathered Serpent alternate scenes
Gem configurations, Conversations with Vlict part three, Conversations with Kallarax.
Part 5 - Death & Failure Scenes
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