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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Harbinger

by Rocket Baby Dolls

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Original Thread: This is not a synthale kind of night. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Harbinger



What's this game all about?

Harbinger is a first-person adventure game, with some action elements, which takes place on Deep Space Nine. We take control of Envoy Bannik, a young Tirrion envoy of the elite Federation Diplomatic Corps, in training to be an ambassador. We arrive at the station during a turbulent time, in a tumultuous way, and it can only go downhill from there. This game plays like your typical first-person adventure. The graphics are very lovely and detailed but unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot to interactive with. Five of the main cast members lend their excellent voice acting to this game, but we do miss out on cameos from some sublime characters. The technical reasons for the lack of the main cast are down to the time and cost of using "pre-rendered" images. There is an in-game explanation that ties into the plot, I won't spoil anything in the OP.

This game was developed in 1995 and released in March 1996. Memory Alpha confirms that the game is set between the third and fourth seasons: "The stardate given by Envoy Bannik, combined with Sisko's rank of captain with his goatee and unshaven head, firmly places the game between "The Adversary" and "The Way of the Warrior"."

This is another game from my youth that I played numerous times, but I always stopped and gave up at a certain point (If you have played this game you'll probably guess where.) I'll always have a fondness for this game, I'm still amazed that it even exists in the first place.

LP details

This will be a video LP in eleven parts. I'll be uploading a video once every three days. Usually, I record as I go but I've pre-recorded this LP due to the fact that my free time will be very limited for two or three weeks soon. I have made a few small faux-pas during commentary, I'll try and rectify them as I go along.

I aim to show off alternative dialogue and scenes in additional videos.

If you want to discuss or suggest anything that could be considered spoilers, please use the appropriate tags.

Let's Play Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Harbinger

Bonus Videos

Part 1 - Additional Scenes & Dialogue
First Conversation With Odo, Initial Ops Interactions, First Conversation With Dax, First Conversation With Dax & Kira, Second Conversation With Dax & Kira, First Conversation With Sisko, Ending Sequence 1.
Part 2 - Additional Dialogue
First Conversation With Vedek Rasmus Selin, First Conversation With Quark, First Conversation With Jani Tharen.
Part 3 - Additional Dialogue
Second Conversation With Odo, Returning To Odo, Third Conversation With Odo, Second Conversation With Sisko, First Conversation With Dax.
Part 4 - Additional Dialogue
Pre-Karrig Conversation With Ensign Desma Yarrow, "First" Conversation With Ensign Desma Yarrow, First Conversation With Scythians, Second Conversation With Dax.
Part 5 - Additional Scenes & Dialogue
Conversation With Dax, Sisko & Kira, First Conversation With Kira, Fourth Conversation With Odo, Ending Sequences 2 & 3.
Part 6 - Additional Dialogue
"Second" Conversation With Ensign Desma Yarrow, Second Conversation With Scythians, Third Conversation With Sisko, Conversation With Sisko & Odo, Third Conversation With Dax, Second Conversation With Vedek Rasmus Selin.
Part 7 - Additional Scenes & Dialogue
Third Conversation With Scythians, Ending Sequences 4-8, Fifth Conversation With Odo, Second Conversation With Jani Tharen, Conversation With Quark & Rhoon, Second Conversation With Kira.
Part 8 - Additional Scenes & Dialogue
Holosuite Programs, Conversation With Sisko & Scythians, Ending Sequences 9-11, Sixth Conversation With Odo, Ending Sequence 12.
Part 9 - Additional Scenes & Dialogue
Ending Sequence 13, Second Conversation With Quark, Third Conversation With Quark, First Conversation With Keel & Ending Sequence 14, First Conversation With Tactical & Ending Sequences 15-19
Part 10 - Additional Scenes & Dialogue
Conversation With Control & Ending Sequence 20, Seventh Conversation With Odo, Ending Sequence 21, Conversation With Control & Rhoon, Conversation With Control & Odo, Fourth Conversation With Quark, Second Conversation With Tactical, Ending Sequence 22, Control & Rhoon Conversation In Full, Ending Sequence 23.
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