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Star Trek: Judgment Rites

by Rocket Baby Dolls

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Original Thread: Oochy-woochy kootchie-koo, Captain? Let's Play Star Trek: Judgment Rites



What's this all about?

Star Trek: Judgment Rites is the second of two adventure games and was released in 1993. I recently LP'd the first game, Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, it's not required viewing but if you want to check it out you can find it here:

Just like in Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, this game is in episodic format and puts you in charge of Kirk on the Enterprise (NC-1701) as well as during away missions in various locations. On the Enterprise, you take command on the bridge and are in control of a variety of functions including tactical combat, communication and navigation. The away missions are a point and click adventure and there away multiple ways to progress through each one.

LP details

Each mission in this game is split into eight individual episodes. At the end of each mission, Starfleet Command gives you a rating of how well you have performed in the mission. In earlier versions of this game and in 25th Anniversary you were given a percentage rating. In this version of Judgment Rites you are told whether you have performed well, okay or if you are a terrible person and should feel terrible for doing terrible things (There's one mission in particular where this can happen.) The main playthrough of this LP will be for the "perfect" rating for each episode.

I will show off alternative scenarios and dialogue in bonus videos.

If you want to discuss or suggest anything that could be considered spoilers, please use the appropriate tags.

I'm going to aim for an update once every three days. As soon as I near the end of recording footage I will most likely update once every couple of days.

Let's Play Star Trek: Judgment Rites

Bonus Videos

Part 1 - 'Federation' Additional Scenes & Dialogue
Communications with Bivander Zane, Communications with James Munroe, Communications with Dr. Breddell, Conversation with Menao Sheme, Trigger Happy Moments, Private Quarters, Crew Quarters, Ending Sequence 1 & 2, Chess Game: Stale Mate and Defeat, Ending Sequence 3, Conversation with Kamend, Ending Sequence 4, Hostile Security, Ending Sequence 5, 6 & 7, Conversation with Breddell, Ending Sequence 8, Killing Breddell, Letting Breddell Escape, Wrong Code, Alternate Ending.
Part 2 - 'Sentinel' Additional Scenes & Dialogue
Scanner Room Interactions, Control Room Scan, Machinery Room Interactions, Control Room Panels, Vat Room Interactions, Feeding Room Interactions, Medical Room Interactions, Archive Room Interactions, More Scanner Room Interactions, More Control Room Interactions, More Vat Room Interactions, More Archive Room Interactions, Alternative Endings 1 & 2.
Part 3a - 'No Man's Land' Additional Scenes & Dialogue
Pre-Battle Communications with Trelane, Post-Battle Communications with Trelane, Prison Cell Interactions, First Street Interactions, Tavern Interactions, Back Room Interactions, Shoppe Interactions, Second Street Interactions, House Interactions.
Part 3b - 'No Man's Land' Additional Scenes & Dialogue
School Interactions, Armory Interactions, Trench Interactions, More Back Room & Tavern Interactions, Airfield Interactions, Castle Interactions, Conversations With Trelane.
Part 3c - 'No Man's Land' Additional Scenes & Dialogue
Ending Sequences & Dialogue.
Part 4 - 'Light And Darkness' Additional Scenes & Dialogue
Building Exterior Interactions, First Antenna Interactions, Second Antenna Interactions, Third Antenna Interactions, Building Interior Interactions, Alphan Room Interactions, Talking With Vizznr First, Omegan Room Interactions, Talking With Azrah First, Talking With Azrah Second, Talking With Vizznr Second, Conversations with Ensign Jons, Failure To Create Gammans, Gamman Room Interactions, Conversations With Cicissa, Alternate Ending.
Part 5 - 'Voids' Additional Scenes & Dialogue
Bridge Interactions, Vurian Interactions, Communications With Scotty, Sick Bay Exterior Interactions, Transporter Room, Engine Room Interactions, Auxilary Room Interactions, Vurian Interactions Part 2, Conversations With Savant, Vurian Interactions Part 3, Conversations & Game Endings With Savant.
Part 6 - 'Museum Piece' Additional Scenes & Dialogue
Sight-Seeing, Curator's Office Interactions, Cannon Room Interactions, Airlock Room Interactions, Crystal Room Interactions, Communications With Lucas, Ending Sequence, Alternate Ending (Transporter.)
Part 7 - 'Though This Be Madness....' Additional Scenes & Dialogue
Communications With Starius, Communications With Klarr, Recreation Room Interactions, Play Room Interactions, Throne Room Interactions, Bedroom Interactions, Machine Room Interactions, Plant Room Interactions, Phays Room Interactions, More Machine Room Interactions, Feeding Time, More Play Room Interactions, Terminal Room Interactions.
Part 8 - 'Yet There Is Method In It' Additional Scenes & Dialogue
First Room Interactions, Second Room Interactions, Third Room Interactions, Fourth Room Interactions, Fifth Room Interactions, Sixth Room Interactions.
Part 9 - More Additional Scenes & Dialogue
'Federation' - Alternate Escape Route. 'No Man's Land' - Negative Encounters With Ellis & Card Shark Conversations. 'Voids' - A Failed Entry & More Fun With Gems. 'Though This Be Madness....' - Trigger Happy, Feeding Time & Trigger Happy Part Two. 'Yet There Is Method In It' - More Equation Room Interactions. Computer Entries - Suggested Search Entries.

whitehelm posted:

The Collectors Edition for this game had a bonus CD with the following:
Gene Roddenberry Interview
Leonard Nimoy Interview
Making of Judgement Rites hosted by Leonard Nimoy (contains a minor spoiler about the overall plot)
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