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Star Trek: Klingon

by Rocket Baby Dolls

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Original Thread: Learning made fun! Let's Play Star Trek: Klingon.



What's is this?

This is an interactive FMV game set in the Star Trek universe. It's an interesting concept, it was designed to play as an educational program to teach people about Klingon culture. We play as a young Klingon, called Pok, who is presented with a variety of different scenarios and it's up to us to make a correct decision based on what we've learnt. This game was released with a separate piece of software, called the "Language Lab," which is an interactive encyclopedia designed to teach you about a variety of Klingon subjects, some of which are found in the game. Some of the choices that we make in the game are reliant on knowing the Klingon language and some are reliant on choices made through being observant of the culture taught in the Lab.

In the world of Star Trek, this game has fallen into obscurity. It was directed by Jonathan Frakes, written by Hilary Bader, filmed in the studios and used genuine costumes and props from the shows. It also features some pretty well-known names in the Trek universe. Most notably, Robert O'Reilly reprises his role as Gowron and J.G. Hertzler (Martok and other numerous roles in Trek) makes an appearance as yet another character. You'll also recognise several other faces oices of people who have played various roles in a variety of different Trek series\games over the years.

How does it play?

This is an interactive movie, we watch one or more cutscenes in each scenario and are presented with a choice to make. Only one choice in each scenario is correct, each scenario contains at least one or more wrong choices. If you make a wrong choice a variety of things can happen, either the scene resets, we get chastised for making the wrong choice, or the game ends in some situations. Not making a choice is also a valid option in some of the scenarios.

LP details

This game is very short, in fact, it's only around seventy minutes long and is split into three episodes. I will also be uploading some extra content to go along with this.

I've recorded all the content contained in the "Language Lab," it really is a piece of software more suited to screenshots but there are two reasons why I stuck with video recordings. Marc Okrand is a Klingon expert and provides voice-only recordings on many of the entries on the disc. Robert O'Reilly not only recorded pronunciations of every Klingon word on the software, but he recorded it on video in full costume. Some of his performances are by the book and some are just sublimely over the top.

I've also recorded all the wrong choices made throughout the whole game. I'm still working on piecing it all together, it will most likely be split into two videos.

I will start by uploading the first episode of the game and of the Immersion Studies. I'm still working on and tweaking some things but I'm going to attempt a new video once every three days.

Let's Play: Star Trek: Klingon

Bonus Videos
Language Lab (Part 1 - Phrases & Commands.)
Language Lab (Part 2 - Hol (Language,) Weapons & Rituals)
Language Lab (Part 3 - Myths & Legends, Curses and Food & Drink.)
Language Lab (Part 4 - Phonemes.)
Wrong Choices (Part 1)
Wrong Choices (Part 2)
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