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Star Trek: The Next Generation - A Final Unity

by Rocket Baby Dolls

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Original Thread: Star Trek: The Next Generation - A Final Unity



What's this all about?

Star Trek: The Next Generation – A Final Unity is an adventure game that was released in 1995. This game tries to incorporate a lot from the television show and in some ways plays out like a normal episode. You take control of Picard on the bridge and, within reason, do what Picard does best with engaging in diplomacy and dialogue. Or if that doesn't work there's always the tactical computer to engage in ship to ship combat. There are also away missions which are your traditional point and click style. It really is a game of many parts.

Most of the main cast reprise their roles and voice their characters in the game too. Which is pretty damn great!

LP details

I'll be doing a straightforward playthrough, I'll try to stay true to form of the show with the dialogue.

There are also different difficulty settings, I will be playing this on "Cadet difficulty which is the easiest. Mainly because it makes some things a lot faster and I'd rather concentrate on the storylines and dialogue. In Cadet mode, tactical combat is controlled by the AI, navigation is automatic as well as your crew and equipment selections for away missions. I do plan on showing off some of these features at some point. I also plan on making bonus videos for some of the missed dialogue and scenes.

If you need to discuss spoilers, please tag them as to be polite.

I'll aim to do at least one update a week, more may happen depending on my work schedule.

Let's Play Star Trek: The Next Generation – A Final Unity

Bonus Videos

Part 1 - Alternate Scenes (Timestamps are in the video description) (Firing at the Garidians, losing an AI-assisted tactical battle, winning an AI-assisted tactical battle, Big cable - phaser set to kill, Transporting Dr. Benyt, Approaching the Chameleon, Firing at the Chameleon, Picard being stubborn, Data greeting the Constable, Picard greeting the Constable, Worf greeting the Constable, A few observations from Worf and Being aggressive with Aramut.)
Part 2 - Alternate Scenes (Timestamps are in the video description) (Communication with Chancellor Daenub, Communication with Starfleet Command, Data talks to Chancellor Laraq, Troi talks to Nachyl, Data and the Gatekeeper, Troi and the Gatekeeper, Aelont and the vault, Troi talks to Madia, LaForge scanning the puzzle, LaForge makes a mistake, Failing the away mission, Expressing doubts with Commander Chan, A supply request with Commander Chan, Intercepting the Romulans (Early Tyralak encounter,) Evading the Romulans, More Tyralak dialogue, More Ky'Dra dialogue, Worf and Laraq.)
Part 3 - Alternate Scenes (Timestamps are in the video description) (Scanning the rubble on Horst II, Alternative dialogue with the drone, Opening doors on Allanor, Walking on the powered floor plate, Firefight with the Chodak, Captured by the Chodak, Tripping the alarm, Alternate escape plan, Alternative alternate escape plan, Transporter malfunction, Data's plan in action, Attacking the dreadnought.)
Part 4 - Alternate Scenes (Timestamps are in the video description) (Distrusting Pentara, Future Picard's warning, Brodnack dead and Pentara betrayal, Pentara dead and Brodnack betrayal, Betraying Brodnack and Pentara, Executing Brodnack, Executing Brodnack alternate choice, Sparing Brodnack momentarily, Picards betrayal, Picards alternate dialogue with the guardian, Picards reward for betrayal, Picard and Pentara's betrayal, Pentara's reward, Picard solo choices (Bugged?), Picard makes the right choice (cinematic), Picard refuses, Freeing Pentara, The wrong choices with Pentara, The right choice with Pentara, A wrong choice with Pentara and Brodnack.)

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