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Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force

by mateo360, berryjon

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Original Thread: Assimilate This! Let's Play Star Trek Elite Force



Elite Force is a First Person Shooter that takes place in the Star Trek universe durring Voyager's 6th season. You play as Alex (-ander for male and -andria for female) Munro the Second in Command of a newly formed Hazard Team. The Hazard Team was an idea of Tuvok the Vulcan Chief of Security to be group to be sent in to situations that maybe less then ideal for normal Starfleet officers.

The game was released on PC and PS2. I will be playing the PC version with the Expansion Pack installed. The expansion pack was never available for the PS2 and has two important features: Jeri Ryan who was unavailable for the original recordings comes back to do Seven of Nine and a Virtual Voyager mode that lets you explore the ship and learn some more about the members of the Hazard Team.

Joining me for this run of the game is berryjon as we question what the hell is going on.

Virtual Voyager Log files

Alex's Personal Log
Voyager Social Events
Neelix's "Recipes"
The Doctor's Personal Log
Cargo Manifest
Seven of Nine's Personal Log
Astrometrics Civilizations
Astrometrics Planets
Harry Kim's Persona Log
Neelix's Personal Log
Tom Paris' Personal Log
Tovok's Personal Log
Captain Janeway's Personal Log
Chakotay's Personal Log
B'Elanna Torres' Personal Log
Jurot's Personal Log
Austin Chang's Personal Log
Chell's Personal Log
Hendrick Biessman's Personal Log
Telsia Murphy's Personal Log
Ship Repair Status
Captain Proton Episode List
Hazard Team Readiness
Andrew Dischler's (Deck 15 guy) Personal Log
Library Computer
Archive Index