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Original Thread: Dog has nothing on Jango. Let's Play Star Wars Bounty Hunter!



What game is this, again?

(thanks to Michel parameter for this)

Star Wars Bounty Hunter was one of the billion Star Wars games made by LucasArts around the time Episode 2 came out. This particular game tells the story of how Jango Fett came to be the source of all the clones that eventually became stormtroopers. It's a relatively simple action game where you take bounties and kill everyone else, but it's quite fun, and it has funny ragdolls and the Wilhelm Scream.

So, will you be doing anything for full completion?
I'll be collecting all the secondary bounties, though I can't guarantee I'll get them all in the condition that nets us the most money. Some of those things are just retarded. There's also a secret in every level to collect, and I'll be getting them, too.

There's also several, uh, extras that I'll be showing off as we unlock them. Bet those will be fun. The secondary bounties can be pretty standard bounty stuff, but there are a ton that are pretty amusing, too, so I'll be posting them in the thread for everyone to enjoy.

Anything else I should know?
If you have a twitter and for some reason really, really need to know when I update, I have one too and you can follow me:

I'll be using it to mention whenever I update, and probably when I update Prime/Addar updates DK64, if you're really interested.


Chapter 1 - Outland Station: Dead Or Alive, Meeko  
Pit Fight Baldurdash
Merchant's Baldurdash
Docking Baldurdash
Outtakes Baldurdash
Chapter 2  
Entertainment Baldurdash
Industrial Baldurdash
Upper Baldurdash
Outtakes Baldurdash
Chapter 3 - Oovo IV: The Asteroid Prison  
The Break Baldurdash
The Break Baldurdash
The Baldurdash
Outtakes Baldurdash
Chapter 4 - Malastare: A Tense Partnership  
Jungle Baldurdash
Sebolto's Baldurdash
The Death Stick Baldurdash
Chapter 5 - Tatooine: A Favor For a Hutt  
Longo Baldurdash
Tusken Baldurdash
Gardulla's Baldurdash
Chapter 6 - Kohlma: Going After Vosa  
Moon of the Baldurdash
Vosa's Baldurdash
Final Baldurdash

Concept Art!

First set
Second set
Third set


Pit Fight Arena

Burbakker Teep blows up Republic Security Force facilities.
Jabrogg Thung is a nerf-throwing champion, and that's bad. But what the fuck is a nerf?
Brakko Gaz murders local business owners.
Sobel Zeelesi is wanted for the same reason Burbakker Teep is. Same price, even.
Obees Ramee is a counterfeiter of that fancy intergalactic space money stuff.

Merchant Row

TC-9DO knows a bit too much for his own good. And he's a protocol droid, and those all have to die.
Onicrop K'Cin is wanted for that bitchin' beard. Oh, and something about encryption codes.
And-Yees is an assassin. Jango Fett just uses the name bounty hunter to avoid ugly situations like this.
Bobot Beka painted rebel slang on some transport vessels. Worthy of death? Yeah, if you're only looking for 1000 credits.
Gabo Tychee is wanted by the Hutt Syndicate for unspecified reasons.
'Lips' Meyer ratted out some garbage mafia family.
Ordnalor Chull stole some star ships from another Hutt.
Ninopas Orocc hates senators. Or maybe just those boring senate scenes from the movies.
Magro Slim took a shit in the wroooooong place. Dead or alive, of course.
Eno Arba is wanted by Brian Eno for Copyright infringement. Or maybe something about armed robbery, I don't know.

Docking Bay

Gabo the Wicked is wanted for indecent exposure (only the ladies are allowed to call him "Wicked").
Artzam Hathan steals plans and things.
Alby Ermad steals suits of armor with Artzam.
Hatras Nikk is kind of a whore.
'Bogey' Boga mugs people with style!
Every other bounty is the same.

Entertainment District

B'inka Fibuna is a runaway slave. Yes, Jango's a slaver now. (Wanted Alive)
Jah-kii Vaargaz runs a spy network or something. (Wanted Alive)
U'Han Swinol is a musician. Of course he's a musician, he's a Bith. Oh, and something about deaulting on loans.
Mart Ringatz robbed foreign dignitaries.
Oejoe Hitewa is the first of many drug dealers we'll be seeing in this level.
Stu Hemphawar is also a drug dealer. He also has a pretty lame name.
Ruceba Ahld is yet another drug dealer. Also all drug dealers look the same.
Mien Rumba steals precious gems. And is a midget.
Karsunn Nepto is in the mafia or something.
Reez Andoor is yet another drug dealer. But he's black, so I guess that's something. But he's also a drug dealer.
Jervis Gloom isn't actually a secondary bounty: he's the main target for the level.
Haangok has an awesome name. And he's a pirate. That's pretty awesome.
Dairn Maggli stole a shipment of small arms.
Bardack is also a drug dealer, but he's a Klatooinian, so I guess that's cool.
Kip Bunyea is a douche. This is literally why he has a bounty on his head.
Kahleeko Sik must've extorted really, really badly. (Wanted Dead)

Industrial District

Panza Hondi beat an off duty police officer to death.
J'Meeb Gumb rigged a deck in what was otherwise a perfectly fair game of sabaac.
Regg Kuuga steals space ambulances to attack pedestrians. No, seriously.
Slaag Lado is a one man BP. No, seriously.
Yol Areebi uses Ewoks as slave laborers in mines. Wait, what?

Upper City

Loowil Galt is wanted dead for arresting the wrong defense contractor. Harsh. (Wanted Dead)
Max Ryko is blackmailing a senator.
Mill Timmer is wanted dead for trying to get too much out of the dude bribing him. (Wanted Dead)
Rain Tibekk killed a Hutt spy in a raid. (Wanded Dead)
Lye Rooker defaulted on a loan from a banking clan. Oddly, the person who wants him owns a bar.

The Break In

The first three are Helmet Squad mooks (Dead or Alive)
'Shank' Ballax is the leader of the Helmet Squad, and they're all wanted dead or alive (same price) for stealing money from Hutts. Also wanted for having such a dumb group name. (Dead or Alive)
Frissk is the Helmet Squad's inside man.

The Break Out

Peez Bonko is a Gran Supremist. Can't you see his shaved head? (Wanted Dead)
Sann Dekker is wanted dead by the Hutts for being a crooked correctional officer. (Wanted Dead)
Keezo Stoolee is wanted alive for squealing on his- wait, no, he's wanted for messing with a celebration with his gang.
Greelossk is wanted dead for some crimes we're not told about by some anonymous source. Ooh, mysterious. (Wanted Dead)
O'nja Rambolt defaulted on loans and then going to prison to not have to pay. How boring.
Mavikk Jumka is wanted dead for ratting out some partners. Who were apparently police officers. Can this game get any more "Fuck da Police"?(Wanted Dead)
Brawn Dunkee kidnapped a Techno Union dignitary, whatever they do. (Wanted Dead)
Tossk is wanted by Gardulla the Hutt, and apparently she (yes, she) wants it to be painful. (Wanted Dead)
Zeb Maddaan embezzled from criminals, but the bank doesn't really like that. (Wanted Dead)
Meeko Ghintee is the guy we arrested in chapter 1. He's the highest paying bounty in the game, and he's wanted for... stealing that red pit beast thing. Huh. (Wanted Dead)

The Escape

Jord Stokk crippled a podracer before a big race. (Wanted Dead)
Ala Kimbo is apparently only pretending to be a security guard to hide from the Hutts. Honestly, for the number of people the Hutts have bounties on in this place, they might as well just stage a raid on it themselves. Or nuke it from orbit.
Seer Lonnel is wanted for being a midget. And something about the Helmet Gang. (Wanted Dead)
Lan Starburn either has a typo in his brief or is two midget (both of whom are crooked corrections officers)
Joth Katrane told about some other guard's illicit activities, costing that guard his pension. Oh well.

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