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Original Thread: Gamma One is the Emperor's stool pigeon! Lets Play TIE Fighter (1995)



Tie Fighter is the second of the four Star Wars space sim games developed by Totally Games, focusing on the Imperial perspective. The 1994 release came out to much applause for the immersion into the Imperial role, not only showing a black and white struggle between the Empire and the Rebellion but also displaying the peacekeeping side. Sure, Darth Vader and the Emperor are evil, but Jeff Stormtrooper and Andy TIE Fighter are just here doing their job. The best part though? iMuse. The iMuse system is the soul of the game. It's a dynamic music system that allows for failures and successes to hit harder than they should.

But in 1998, the game was re-released using the X-Wing vs TIE Fighter engine, bringing high resolutions (640x480), voiced briefings and brings in the original Star Wars soundtrack and textures. This gave people a tough choice when the GoG re-release packaged both together: Go with the older, polygonal, low-res version without voices in the briefing and the expansion pack or cut out iMuse?

1995 brings the answer. 640x400, voiced briefings, iMuse, the expansion pack but without the heavy texturing of the later games. The 36 missions of the base game, the 18 missions of Defender of the Empire and the 22 mission (Thrawn!) Enemies of the Empire campaign, all on one disc, make the best version of the game. Tie Fighter is available on GoG. If you have a joystick and can deal with the dated graphics, buy it now, it's an amazing time capsule of 90s space sim goodness.

All versions of the game feature two kinds of objective. Your primary objectives are needed to progress, but your secondary objectives assigned by the Secret Order of the Emperor, give additional flavour to the story along with exploring more of the intricacies of the Empire as the ruling body. Alternatively, they just like to party and are extremely lonely.

ultrabindu posted:

We all know what the Secret Order is really up to.

The game also features a good variety of crafts, including the TIE Fighter, the TIE Interceptor, the TIE Avenger/Advanced, the Assault Gunboat, TIE Defender and the Missile Boat, but sometimes we're stuck in a TIE Bomber.

Crazy Achmed posted:

Table of Contents


Battle 1, Mission 1

TIE General Data

Battle 1, Mission 2

Battle 1, Mission 3

Battle 1, Mission 4

Battle 1, Mission 5

TIE Fighter Tech Data

Battle 1, Mission 6

New Year's Special

Battle 2, Mission 1

Battle 2, Mission 2

Battle 2, Mission 3

Battle 2, Mission 4

Battle 2, Mission 5

TIE Interceptor Tech Data

Battle 3, Mission 1

Battle 3, Mission 2

Battle 3, Mission 3 And Failure Reel

Battle 3, Mission 4

Battle 3, Mission 5

Battle 3, Mission 6

Battle 4, Mission 1

Battle 4, Mission 2

Battle 4, Mission 3

Battle 4, Mission 4

Battle 4, Mission 5

TIE Bomber Tech Data

Battle 5, Mission 1

Battle 5, Mission 2

Battle 5, Mission 3

Battle 5, Mission 4

Battle 5, Mission 5

Assault Gunboat and TIE Advanced Tech Data

Battle 6, Mission 1

Battle 6, Mission 2

Battle 6, Mission 3

Battle 6, Mission 4

Support Ship Tech Data and the Beginning of the End

Battle 7, Mission 1

Battle 7, Mission 2

Battle 7, Mission 3

Battle 7, Mission 4

Battle 7, Mission 5 (Finale)
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