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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

by GamesAreSupernice

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Original Thread: Memories of a dead man. - Let's Play Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II



Let's Play The Force Unleashed II

Someday in the distant future, someone will peruse the annals of videogame history. They will scroll down a list of Seventh Gen character action games, and they will utter... "What the hell is Force Unleashed II?" This thread is the answer to their journey.

What kind of LP is this?

Video, post-commentary. I have already purchased all of Starkiller's upgrades, so that should make the game far easier to watch, and allow me to show the mechanics better.

Why should I care?

The original Force Unleashed was both incredibly well advertised and released on every platform in existence. Everyone knows what Force Unleashed is, what its faults are, and where it succeeds. Force Unleashed II, I feel, didn't get such a chance. It seemed to be rather quickly forgotten, as was foretold by both its middle-of-the-road reception and lack of "brand new" wow factor. We're going to take a good look at the game's mechanics and storytelling to see if we can untangle it all. We won't be in for a long ride, but it will be quite bumpy.


01. Rebirth

02. Fancy Architecture

03. Ultra Rancor

04. Finding Yourself

05. Terrorists

06. Tower Defense

07. Starkiller

08. Confrontation

Thanks for watching!
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