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by WeaponBoy

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Original Thread: Embrace the power of the Dark Side - Let's Play The Force Unleashed!


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The Force Unleashed is a game released by Lucasarts in late 2008. Simultaneously, the game was released by several other developers for an absurd number of consoles and platforms ranging from the Wii, to iOS devices, to the fucking N-Gage. The Force Unleashed was developed with several new technologies—some even exclusively developed for this game—to create a much more realistic world in order to really let the player, ahem, unleash the force in ways it never had before. The game received generally positive reviews, but still received criticism in many different areas across the many, many different platforms.

The game's plot follows the story of Darth Vader's secret apprentice, known only as Starkiller, and his journey in the time period between Episode III and Episode IV of the main Star Wars movies. George Lucas himself was directly involved in the story and character development and as such The Force Unleashed has the dubious honour of being canon. While a great many Star Wars Expanded Universe material is considered canon, The Force Unleashed is meant to be the thread that connects the overall story of the two Star Wars trilogies by bridging the time skip between Episode III and Episode IV.

I will be playing the basic version of game on the PS3 as the PS3/360 version is the 'original' version upon which all the others were based. I do not have the Ultimate Sith Edition because fuck Lucasarts, those money-grubbing pricks; I wasn't going to pay for the game twice just to get one extra DLC level. Don't worry though, they eventually released the exclusive level on the PSN Store and Xbox Marketplace, so I got it anyway. I will be playing the game through chronologically and on Sith Warrior difficulty as the higher difficulty levels only make showing the game off more annoying without actually adding anything.

Excuse me, you said that this game was canon, however I am a fourth order Star Wars loremaster and can firmly state that--

This game is making an attempt to explain what happens between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope so there are shitloads of loose threads hanging around. If you'd like to use this thread to sperg out about Star Wars, feel free. All I ask is that you DO NOT SPOIL THE STORY AND EVENTS OF THIS GAME. Do you want to talk about how dumb it was that Chewbacca got crushed by a moon landing on him, or where the fuck did Obi-Wan find that goddamned lizard mount in Episode III? That's fine, just don't talk about how Starkiller is actually Princess Leia in disguise and is actually an alternate reality Margaret Thatcher who is really the Emperor's dad.

What's going on with the Wii version?

Since this game came out on about 37.4 different platforms I figured I should show at least one other version so people could get a taste of the ports. Well, the ports kind of taste like sawdust, so I decided to just do it all live with only minimal editing so you could all experience my unbridled joy and excitement at playing the Wii version for the first time ever.

All videos have a secondary audio track containing only game audio without commentary.

Episode I: A Son YouTube
Episode II: Hunting Jedi YouTube
Episode III: Descent YouTube
Episode IV: Graveyard YouTube
Episode V: Star Wall-E YouTube
Episode VI : Hot and Heavy YouTube
Episode VII : Boneheads YouTube
Episode VIII : Purge YouTube
Episode IX : OSHA Approved YouTube
Episode X : Ghostdad YouTube
Episode XI : Indigestion YouTube
Episode XII : Talim Brood YouTube
Episode XIII : Globetrotting YouTube
Episode XIV : Scenic Vistas YouTube
Episode XV : Recycling YouTube
Episode XVI : Rebellion YouTube
Episode XVII : Vengeance YouTube
Episode XVIII : A Fragile Hope YouTube
Episode XIX : Wrath of the Empire YouTube
Episode XX : Redemption YouTube
Bonus Episode : Extra Costumes YouTube

Wii videos do not have a secondary audio track.

Wii Episode I : A Terrible Idea YouTube
Wii Episode II : Camera Wars YouTube
Wii Episode III : Who the fuck are you? YouTube
Wii Episode IV : Why I do post-commentary YouTube
Wii Episode V : Beater of Ass YouTube
Wii Episode VI : Pimp my Palanquin YouTube
Wii Episode VII : Why are we even here? YouTube
Wii Episode VIII : OCD YouTube
Wii Episode IX : Dancing with the Star Wars YouTube
Wii Episode X : Grimy YouTube
Wii Episode XI : What is this KOTOR 2? YouTube
Wii Episode XII : Chop'aa my dick off with a Kleef-er YouTube
Wii Episode XIII : $3.75 YouTube

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