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StarTropics II: Zoda's Revenge

by thevoiceofdog

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Okay, this'll be my OP for Startropics II.

Mike Jones' Radicola Adventure! Let's Play Startropics II, Zoda's Revenge!

Startropics II: Zoda's Revenge is a ridiculous game that kinda pales in comparison to the original. The overworld puzzles and exploration are mostly gone, and the grid system is replaced with eight-way movement and jumping. But all that is somewhat excusable--the real step back comes from the game's absurd time traveling plot mechanic. Mike Jones travels throughout time in a wacky 90's themed sci-fi story, screwing up all of history in the process. Since there is a lot less to analyze in this game I will be dragging in some guests to help make fun of it. KillerEmcee, A Raving Loon, and eventually Psychedelic Eyeball will all be joining me to experience Mike Jones' radical journey throughout history.

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