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Original Thread: Rareware's Magnum Opus - Let's Play Starfox Adventures



What is this?
It's Starfox! Every-one knows Starfox. Flying in the Arwings with Fox, Falco, Peppy, and the thing. Fighting Star-Wolf and beating Andross!

Oh, oh wait, that's not it at all. Starfox Adventure still stars Fox McCloud, and you do pilot an Arwing, but that's about where the similarities end. We're actually playing most of the game on land, actually on a planet, a DINOSAUR PLANET! Hey... That sounds like it'd be a neat name for a game. Enough beating around the bush here I guess. Yeah this game is/was originally developed for the Nintendo 64, but eventually came out on the Gamecube because it was a stronger system and well Dinosaur Planet was going to be fairly late in the N64's life time.

The game was designed to be an adventure title much like the popular Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. Which was fine and good, but for some strange reason the higher-ups at Nintendo didn't feel like that would be enough for the game to sell, and to be honest this was near the decline of Rareware, so in quick money grab they decided to bring the Starfox franchise down a peg. Originally the main characters were going to be foxs(?) named Saber and Krystal. It was believed that Krystal was going to be the primary character with Saber doing back-up.

From there though they removed most of those ideas outside of Krystal and Tricky. The problem though is that Krystal got downgraded to such a minor role it's almost impossible to even really say she should be in the game to begin with. Saber was replaced by Fox, and everything felt really tacked on when he showed up. There are plenty of plot-holes to go around, and dumb choices to be made in this game's design.

So I ask you to join WanderingNewbie, and I into an adventure into the stars... and foxes? Because we just love to share the pain.

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