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Still Life 2

by DeathChickens

Part 5: Chapter 2-2

So we’re outside of the house. Weaponless, since Paloma doesn’t go get her stuff out of the wardrobe before automatically jumping out of the window. Sigh.

There’s another (empty) storage box here, but it’s not needed right now.

We need to check out the truck here.

It has a box in the back, but it’s locked up.

The passenger seat is a little more productive. Let’s just grab our phone and call for help.

Or not. Truck door is locked.

Y’know what, I’m just gonna run right through the front gate and all the way goddamn home. Killer’s not even here anymore, what’s he gonna…

Oh, the gate is electrified. Paloma gets yet another shock.

And she resists my efforts to make her do it again.

Run over here, which goes behind the house.

Fetch this ladder. It takes up all of our inventory, but that’s okay.

Place it here. Now we can get back up to where we were, but don’t do that yet.

Head back over here and check this piece of wood out.

And grab the wood beam next to it. Maybe we can brain Chuckles if he comes back.

If you guessed the fence here shocks Paloma, have a cigar.

Now take the ladder back up to the first room.

And fetch all of your stuff out of the wardrobe. You know, the stuff Paloma could have taken before she jumped out of the window to begin with, but didn’t. Sigh.

Back downstairs and to the truck, where we can use the block of wood to smashy smash the passenger window. Cathartic.

And we get our phone back, though it apparently isn’t charged.

Thanks, Paloma. Also I keep wanting to type your name as Palomino.

It’s goddamn invisible because of the color of the seat and the darkness, but there’s a key here too.

Use that to open the box in the truck bed. Palomino’s purse is in here, but the killer thought to empty it. And throw the empty purse into a box and lock it. Okay.

Oh, so Mr. Gasmask is a Quebecois. That explains so much.

Next to that is a charger, hooked up to a dictophone. Grab both.

Go to your inventory and separate the charger from the recorder.

Then combine the charger with your phone. We’ll still need some place to plug it in, though.

Luckily, there’s an outlet back up here.

“Mcpherson here.”

Good thing Vickie’s back to answering her phone.

“Is that you Hernandez? Calm down, take a deep breath, where are you?”

Is Vickie supposed to know who Hawker is? You never told her the informant’s name.

“But what about you – Are you okay? Are you hurt?”

Well I ran into a series of electrified fences repeatedly, but other than that…

You have a fireplace poker now, woman. And a big block of wood. Hit him with one of them.

“Hernandez, give me some clues about the place you’re being held!”

And we can wing off clues now based on stuff we’ve seen around the house. I’m not sure if this makes any real difference or not. If you didn’t find any clues, Paloma gets vague options like “The weather looks clear” and “I’m in a weird house”. Vickie is suitably annoyed.

Anyway, we’ll start with the flyer from the stove. Informing Vickie that there are trees around in Maine won’t help anything.

“Houlton…that’s the Aroostook county capital. Anything else?”

The thing in the back of the truck.

“Saint Georges…isn’t that in Quebec? Okay, Hernandez, that could help us. What else?”

The block of wood out back.

“Those initials must refer to a railroad company. That’s an excellent clue!”

Well, that’s quite a dramatic camera shift. You’d almost think something’s coming through the door there.


“Here, you got something on your face, let me just…”