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Still Life 2

by DeathChickens

Part 10: Chapter 4-2

So when we last left Vickie, she had made her way into the murder house after what seemed like years of CSI drudgery. Will there be more excitement inside? No.

Also, I’d think Paloma setting off *flashbangs* outside would make more of an alert than the squeaky door.

So proceeding, we’re back in the kitchen. Let’s check out the fridge first.

…and that’s all Vickie will do with it. Rolling right along.

The sink…

Dust those and scan them.

I don’t remember Paloma stopping to eat, game.

As is the fact that, y’know…he didn’t just shoot her in the face. He has a gun. He could have done that.

Checking out the oven.

Oh fuck you, game.

Go left from there and check out the newspaper Paloma glossed over.

And the dumb waiter Paloma used is here, but Chuckles apparently took the time to shove a cabinet in front of it.

It’s easily shoved out of the way.

So that’s useless.

Nothing else to be done in here. Head on out through the door.

Vickie can’t do anything with this either, in spite of it seeming important.

Vickie McPherson: Master of the important stuff.

Again leaving just enough clues to fuck with us, but not enough to go on.

Well Vickie, your last killer took his inspiration from paintings, and this one’s big into movies. I’m sure there’s no connection at all.

Which means of course we will, but she won’t take the damn thing right now.

Anyway, to the left is a safe on the wall.

We’ll be dusting those prints conveniently left on the safe.

Uh, if you say so. They look okay to me, but I’m not a plucky yet stupid FBI agent.

Anyway, this is a puzzle. The answer is the year of that Blue Dahlia movie, 1946. Plus an additional “A”, because fuck you. The actual code is 19A46, which I only found through putting the A in different spots.

This game won’t be winning awards either, so.

We can dust the manuscript, but the prints come up empty. So phone up Claire.

“I think I have something to help ID the killer…”

Thanks, game, for these dialogue choices consisting of *one choice*.

“I’ve scanned a print that’s not in my records. I’m sending it to you.”

Now go back to the safe and grab the other thing in it, a box.

Which the game will delay you in opening for three seconds while you fetch the lockpick out of your inventory.

As so.

I think they were also Jack Tripper’s roommates on Three’s Company. By gum, I’ve nailed the killer!

Tweezer it. Analyze it.

Stunning. Go check the bookshelves now.

Game, that isn’t even clever.

Or maybe they’re trying to steer the plot back to something resembling interesting.

Over here now.

Dust. Scan. Again.


Back out of there and upstairs.

…where Sheriff Kate is snooping around something. She stops when she notices us.

My god woman, what is wrong with your hand?


“Have you found anything special in the house?”

…a local case. Here, in the *crazy mass murderer’s crazy house of murder*. What?

“Really? What’s it about?”


“Have you taken samples from the house, Sheriff? If so, would you be so kind as to inform me?”

“If you say so, Sheriff. Don’t forget we’re supposed to be on the same side.”

And Sheriff Kate leaves. She and Browning should hang out.

Anywho, check out the closet to the right.

Or maybe they belong to Chuckles. Huh Vickie? Didn’t think of that one, did you?

Microscope those for a closer look.

Alright then.

Now the door.

….huh. Well now this looks familiar.

You aren’t kidding. That damn mattress inventory puzzle. I still wake up screaming.

I totally don’t remember that either, but I could have overlooked it.

So Chuckles took the time to remove the cameras and chemically erase his fingerprints. And shove a cabinet in front of the dumb waiter. Left most everything else where it was, though.

Print. Scan. Go for broke!

I don’t remember Paloma breaking this mirror either. If the game intends to rewind again and make me do another section with her in this room…

Wow, if Paloma left that, it might be the first clever thing she’s ever done.

Check this out.

Swab. Analyze for the obvious.

No I don’t know how this differs if you didn’t find it with Paloma, and I’m not replaying just to look.

Get out of there. Go over here.

Well, it’s a very clean torture chamber. And that’s a neat stain glass thing.

We can’t get into the medicine cabinet.

…except by wasting three more seconds fetching the lockpick.

And grab this. Oh dear lord, grab this or the game will fuck you later.

The sink…

Maybe where Chuckles was keeping the rats? I don’t know.

Go north, to these pixels. Swab. Scan.


And even smaller pixels on the lip of the tub there.

Tweezer and scan to find…uh, I guess Sheriff Kate has been messing around here too.

…thanks, Vickie.

Out of there and check out this door. I don’t even know what Vickie is rambling about here.

Yeah, nothing doing there.

If this were Paloma, she’d at least have the sense to hit something like this with a fire extinguisher. Vickie, you’re less useful than Paloma.

Now we need to run all the way outside and find Sheriff Kate again. I shall stop here, as there’s still a lot of bullshit to go in this chapter. Sigh.