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by RevBabyKiller

Part 20

Ha ha, you said it buddy. How about you shut up a minute, I've got a proposal for you. Those bars look pretty wide, wide enough for me to stick my questing wand through and, well, I'm just going to throw this idea out there...

Hold on, I'm going to try and ditch this guy's corpse back here, it's kind of a mood killer. Now we can get some alone time

Hey, aren't you supposed to be dead! Too dead to carry your own weight in battle yet alive enough to tell me what I "have" to do? I'm getting real tired of all this dwarf drama!

Don't say "he'll replace you" Don't say "he'll replace you" Don't say "he'll replace you"

Maybe this guy knows where we can find a key. Hopefully he's not in too much of a hurry to help us out

I didn't give you some of my exorbatant root stash so that you could start attacking every sharga we come across! You've got anger issues, good thing I can ditch you for this other guy soon. Next sharga we come across I'll try and reason with

Hey buddy, how's by you? Come on, don't leave me hanging, give me the bump! Fuck it, he's unreasonable, time to abandon my no killing policy

Dare I jump in another hole, chancing another spooky encounter with the Ettin? I don't think I've got any more pressing concerns for the time being, certainly no midget related prison breaks or anything that comes to mind. Into the hole!

There's a ladder in the hole. This hole related adventure was roughly 60% less thrilling than the last one

And here's the thrilling conclusion to our two part series with the top of the ladder

My arsenal of runes that I have no means of using grows ever stronger! Soon I will have the most powerful unusable magic stash in this entire sunken pit

Here's me writing stuff in my journal. How many other games let you keep a magic yet virtual diary? Not too many I'd wager.

I'm so fucking sneaky. Sure he appears to either be having a seizure or a stroke and is breathing suspicously heavily, but I still like to believe it's a sign of my ever-increasing sneaking ability

He's either bleeding or attacking me Alien Queen style. Where's that OldDwarfManShield I've been carrying around?

Don't bump so rough bro!

Those shargas were hoarding some epically sweet looking shit! It's about fucking time that I can get some awesome threads to impress the shit out of any sweet dwarf women I come upon later

Well of-fcuking-course it's dwarven shit. I saved his life and he has to do 10% of the work, so it's only fair he get the best equipment. Thera, Wahooka, Ettin, Farley and Khull-Khum, I fucking hate you all. If the next piece of equipment I find doesn't benefit me and only me I'm going to flip the fuck out

Well it's about time. A key. I bet it unlocks something incredible, like a suit of armour that is comprised entirely of Wahooka's painfully pulled teeth and Thera's broken dreams or a sword powered by animosity

And yet again it benefits someone else more than me. I'm getting really tired of lugging around the world's largest collection of skulls, roots, low-level swords and sharga shit with no good equipment to my name. If the first words out of this tossers mouth aren't "I know where there's some cool shit hidden around here" I'm going to have to start pulling hair and kicking shins, right on the bone!