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by RevBabyKiller

Part 31

The trick to those glyphs is to either walk through them and absorb 50 or so hitpoints damage each time, or pick up those feathers that the shamans on this level carry. Either way works, but I don't want to be stuck carrying a stupid feather around

Not only did this shaman have another fashionable feather, he also has half of a giant key. Ominous

This rune is so fucking stupid. Who in their right mind would want to avoid battle? Other than me against Khull-Khum, but he's probably not the type to get scared and flee anyway

This is the moment I've been waiting for. In that place I'm probably going to have my pick of the tiny, hairy dwarf women.

Answer wisely, cause I'm coming in regardless

Your clansmen can't be so retarded that they'd mistake me for a throg? Then again we're batting a 66.6% retarded rate here in my dwarven war party

You're going to be in there in less time than it takes me to crush an ant, check yourself

How about a sprinkling of dwarf teeth? Wrap this shit up, B

Inside. In five minutes.

It was worth sounding like a jackass just to hear him say that

So long Karzac. At least we have enough for a threeway again

Hot damn, the inner sanctum. Time to get our talk on!