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by RevBabyKiller

Part 39



I'm unaware of any situation throughout all of recorded time where entering through a spooky gate of spears has culminated in a positive experience

It's a spooky coffin! Or sarcophagus, maybe. Body closet? Corpse Armoire? Zombie Wardrobe?

Upon closer inspection it appears to be a harmless iron maiden. This explains everything! Those stupid dwarfs probably just keep hiding inside it with hilarious results, like all those refrigerator kids.

Ahhhhhhhh, harmless green spectral interpretive dancer!

Spoke too soon, he's as real as my hatred for dwarf shop owners and he's shambling this way! Go go magicka axe

From this angle he could best be described as "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arch-enemy, The TP Mummy"-esque in appearance, but without the current social relevance those sass talking turtles have always enjoyed

And now we're poisoned again. Swell. Maybe you don't know this bonesy but Karzac is so dwarf-fucking-tough he gargles poison for breakfast everyday while Farley's busy gargling Dombur's balls. And as for me, topside Drake has become almost synonymous with VD, I know a thing or two about bodily pollutants

Posture, breath, clothing, resolution, everything about you is bad and you should feel bad. Much like every other zombie out there not named Bub, it's the projectile front where his offense suffers most heavily

If that guy had a gold coin for each time he was hit with a magick axe he'd be fucking rich but still dead. Deader, anyway

Check this swank tomb capsule, complete with zombie swag. A poisonous meat skeleton protecting a ring of poison resistance? Someone call Alanis, cause I think I've found me some irony!

Little is known of who this Jim was or why he would carve his name into the rock, but I'd like to believe he's dead and it was extremely painful and humiliating

I thought I'd return to a line of dwarfs cheering my name, but this display will do