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by RevBabyKiller

Part 54

Wall: 0, Me: 1. Unless you count each of the times that the wall fooled me into thinking that it was a regular wall and I wandered by it like an idiot. Then it'd be more like 5:1

A righteous looking skeleton! I wonder if he built that secret wall, then realized he was on the wrong side and just said "fuck it, I ain't doin' that shit again, I hope someone comes along looking for that cold fire soon"

You seem to be confused bonesy, this is my first time through this oh shit you were talking to Enigma how embarrassing I'll just be standing over there just tell me when it's time to fight

Cryptic message delivered, the skeleton collapses into a sweet pile of bones without a fight. Between the shargas, Rek, Enigma, Frozen dwarf and now the crypt keeper I'm not getting too much resistance on this level. If the level itself wasn't trying to kill me with the coldening this would be a pretty sweet ride

A blue flame? Sounds good, I'll just stick my big ol hand in there and reef that bitch out

And with that, Yoda pointed out the passage and was GONE! Back to his regular spot to stand there and look like an idiot

Hello good looking, I'm cold just watching you wearing that. Luckily I happen to have the largest blue ball in existence in my possession, and would like to give it to you

I like where this is going....

Too coy, too coy. You saw that saucy play where the adventurer was chilly and the Busty Maiden of Virtue Pure-ish warmed him with the power of her feminie wiles, so be cool and maybe that'll be you

This hardly seems fair, the first real woman I've encountered and she wants to kill me and give my man orbs to Khull-Khum. It's make or break time, now to get my charm on!