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by RevBabyKiller

Part 55

Except for all those Dangerous Curves!

Dear Penthouse, I never though it would happen to me, but

Hold on, something's not quite right here...shouldn't I be slightly less frozen and you be slightly more naked, or am I imagining things?

Here's a little trick I picked up for removing pesky layers of ice and clothing while leaving the underlying tissue relatively unscorched. Relatively.

A shot goes wide and accidentally smokes her exquisite ice throne. I can't imagine this will do much for my chances

Right, the faerie realm. No time like in the midst of a heated battle between sexual tyrannosauruses to stop and read up on faeries

Enough dancing, time to loose the rod

Shit, first volley ineffective. She's walking through my arrows like they were nothing more than the unwanted sexual advances from a creepy pale adventurer and his moody traveling companion.

Finally, she dies. Nothing left now but to collect the hundreds of arrows, molest the corpse and collect the winnings

And one to remember me by

Another ball in the sack, this is going to get uncomfortable fast