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by RevBabyKiller

Part 62

I believe I intercepted some correspondence from that Troll fellow on the Ice Queen's person some levels ago. It's nice to get an outsiders perspective, though. Also what need have I for Faerie pants?

How did you know that? Have you been looking in my magic sack!

Fine, take your stupid fiddle, violin is where the action's at anyway

That's cool, I don't need a reward for that, it's probably the easiest quest imaginable anyway

Pants, delivered as promise. And with less faerie ass than was originally anticipated

So you want me to kill him? Consider it done. Done-ish, anyway

Well? Don't leave me hanging here!

Finally, just when I thought I'd be descending into fetch quest hell

You want me to..reach, into your...pocket...and pull reward? Oooooooookay. This won't be all. Skeez, keep an eye out for onlookers

Phew, it was just a chocolate Faerie cake. Crisis averted, hopefully I won't have to deal with any more Brownies for awhile, they weird me out

Ah Shit, Daisy's Chain. Maybe I'll just leave you here for now