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by RevBabyKiller

Part 66

I'll go back to Trollville when I've exhausted all of my options here on the less deadly but more irritating side

Hell yes I did my good man, it's been too long friend

YOU SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH SKEEZ. Sorry Murph. If it's of any comfort I hate Skeez very, very much

Like, say, move into your corner lot and live as your understudies?

Fingers crossed he says "to be awesome"

Oh well, not as glamorous, but I'll take it

Can we do it sometime when Skeez ain't around?

Have to? Turn away quickly. Don't you let them see you cry, Drake

Hot hot titular line action. Time to whip out the magic stick and start blasting

Only if getting blasted by fireballs is as fun as blasting someone else with fireballs. Unlikely.

You spoony bastard, why did you augment my brawl attribute when I was attacking you with magicka? Best not to dwell on the rich tapestry of complexities on contradictions that is the illustrious Mr Murph, I suppose

A book! That's one of the sixteen items I need to win the faerie scavenger quest! I'm becoming more and more convinced that this entire thing is a ritual hazing initiation prank the faeries are pulling on me. Maybe I'll grab the nearest one and beat some answers out of

Too late they're on to me!


But but but that's extortion! And for a terrible cause!

Hopefully my attempts to unload this gold will prove more successful here than it did at the dwarven shop


How about a unique sharga sword? Only 500 in existence!

Give them what they want or they'll spin you and call you dizzy. Low blow gentlemen

That sounds good, the out-getting part, how could I go about getting that?

That's the least of the atrocities I'd like to visit upon you

Then yes, very much

Is it a suicide pact?

Prepare to have the worst case of head crush related injuries you've ever had!