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by RevBabyKiller

Part 72

Whoops, forgot to mention Enigma automatically rejoins the party when you exit the Faerie realm, and, best of all, he does so without any chit chat

Laugh it up ancients, I'm on to you!

These jerks had better hope the next orb I find can't be used to travel back in time and smack the ancient's hands with a hammer

Observe the fully revealed map! One of those holes is my path out of here! I can almost taste the freedom

Pow, the center is the key and all that nonsense. Prepare for some serious corpse desecration, ancients!

Some kind of door related activity!

And if we're not, I propose we disband and flee to the wilderness to begin again


First Karzac, then Dombur, then Farley, and now Skeez? The turnover rate in my war-party is starting to rival CTU, but unfortunately without the body count

Alright then Cowardly McSissy, no one will think any less of your wimping out on us and leaving us short handed

Just return the stuff I gave you and get out, and I won't have to hunt you down later and kill you

What? Don't even think about it you turncoat

Well shits. Score one for Skeez